110-year-old Great-Great-Grandmother Can’t Believe Age On Her Birthday

As a child I’d often enjoy visiting elderly homes. It was a mystery each time my family visited an ancestor or friend. I knew every time we went something different would happen. An old man or an old woman would stop us and talk to me, my siblings and tell us something special and unique. The words of affirmation from an 80 or 90 year old just does something for you, even as a kid.

In today’s viral video, a grandmother has her birthday, but it isn’t just any birthday. She turned 110 years old and when her family member shared her age with her she gasped, and couldn’t believe it.

The conversation went like this:

The family member says “How Old Are You?”

The elderly woman answers “I have no idea”

The family member says “110”

The elderly woman answers “WHAT?”

The family member says “110 years old” again..

The elderly woman says “10?”

The family member says “110!”

The elderly woman says “I don’t believe that”

The family member says “No, you look like you’re 21, and just as beautiful as ever.”

The elderly woman “Why sure, why sure”

Watch the video here:

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