Four Visions Market Hape Review

Four visions market is a carrier of hape, otherwise known as snuff. This shamanic powder comes from the Amazon Rainforest and is made by Shamans in this region from different tribes. It’s a blend of Tobacco mixed with other specific herbs for specific purposes.

Some herbs are beneficial more for respiratory health, others are for women’s menstrual cycles, and even others are for our inner warrior spirit to fire up!

Four visions market hape is some of the purest that I have tried. What I really like about the company is that they give half of their profits back to the indigenous Amazonian tribes that create this snuff.

This market that four visions has created has snuff from Nukini, to bullet hape, to divine mother, feminine essence, to katukina jaguar hape, Immunity warrior hape, eucalyptus hape (which is great for clearing the sinuses) and so much more.

Remember that Hape is a combination of tobacco and herbs and nicotine can be addictive so be smart and be prepared for that. My favorite Hape blends from four visions market are the Nukini, Warrior, Eucalyptus and Bullet. These are powerful forms of Hape that work very well in their own specific way. Make sure to get an applicator pipe along with your Hape otherwise you will not have a way to apply it.

The four visions market hape review would be very simple. High quality products at a very fair price. Here’s a video that shares more:

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Use the code healthywildfree for 10% off your order at the link above!

Four Visions Market Hape Review