If You Have Headaches, Body Soreness and Continuous Fatigue Or Gut Bloating You Need To Support Your Lymphatic System By Doing This

If you’ve been struggling with your well-being and seeking to improve your health, many people nowadays turn to cleansing or detoxing programs. When it comes to detoxification, it’s crucial to address the lymphatic system first as it plays potentially the most important role.

There are many modern day health symptoms that are directly tied to the lymphatic system and most people aren’t supporting the health of their lymphatic system in an ongoing basis. If you were to do so, you may notice a big difference in these areas that you currently have health issues that you’re facing.

The lymphatic system becomes problematic when the lymphatic fluid becomes sticky, congested, or blocked, preventing the disposal of toxins and waste from the tissues. This leads to a lack of necessary nutrients reaching the cells, causing them to lose their metabolic efficiency and ability to function properly. Consequently, inflammation increases, degenerative conditions develop, and sickness and disease may occur. Thus, effective lymphatic drainage is essential for basic tissue detoxification and is a fundamental aspect of any healing process.

The Lymphatic System: Pond vs. River

You want to think of your lymphatic system like a body of water, because it is within your body. Lymphatic fluid covers your entire body. I like to share the pond vs. river analogy with my health coaching clients. This is to say that one form of water is healthier and one form of water is less than healthy. Pond water sits and becomes stagnant. This attracts pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and any living organism that will contaminate the water.

River water on the other hand is flowing and moving. This water is active and charged up, safe to drink and healthy. It is naturally filtered from the movement and exposure to minerals, sunshine and it naturally creates a vortex which structures itself.

You want your lymphatic system (an aqueous solution in your body) to be more like the river and less like the pond. This requires proper hydration, but also proper movement of that hydration.

Determine The Health of Your Lymphatic System:

Before embarking on any cleansing or detox programs, it’s essential to fix the drainage system and identify the signs of a clogged lymphatic system. Here are some questions to help determine if your lymphatic system is sluggish or blocked:

  1. How do you feel physically? (tired, stiff, swollen, slow, inflamed, fatigued, muscle pain, allergies, etc.)
  2. How do you feel mentally? (brain fog, depression, stress, anxiety, headaches, memory loss, reduced concentration, unmotivated, etc.)
  3. How does your skin look and feel? (dry, acne, blemishes, rash, irritations, itchy, tingling, thick, leathery, etc.)
  4. How does your body look? (puffy, retaining fluid, changes in shape, etc.)
  5. How do you perceive your metabolism? (irregular bowel movements, stomach aches, bloating, discomfort, difficulty losing weight despite diet and exercise changes, etc.)

    If you answered these questions leaning in the direction of having issues in these areas your lymphatic system is struggling to some degree. The more of these questions that you have challenges with the higher the likelihood that your lymphatic system needs support and detoxification both.

8 Signs Of A Clogged Lymphatic System:

  1. Soreness and stiffness without explanation.
  2. Headaches due to inadequate lymphatic and sinus drainage causing inflammation and pressure.
  3. Digestive issues and bloating, as the abdominal area contains numerous lymphatic vessels.
  4. Fatigue and stress, with impaired lymph drainage affecting the entire body system.
  5. Skin problems, such as dryness, itching, loss of elasticity, acne, and rashes.
  6. Swelling (lymphedema) in limbs or other parts of the body.
  7. Allergies, sinus congestion, and increased occurrences of head colds.
  8. Brain fog, confusion, and mood swings caused by toxins building up in cerebrospinal fluid.

Lymphedema, which results from a clogged lymphatic system, can be misdiagnosed as a weight problem or obesity. It can be classified as primary lymphedema (rare and inherited) or secondary lymphedema (caused by damage to a previously normal lymphatic system). Common causes of lymphedema include infections, inflammation, venous diseases, obesity, trauma, and immobility.

The fact is that if you’re obese or overweight even slightly your lymphatic system is clogged and backed up and needs to flow more like a river instead of being stagnant like a pond.

What Does The Lymphatic System Need To Be Healthy?

The lymphatic system needs proper hydration first and foremost. This requires the proper amount of pure water paired with the proper electrolytes to create intracellular hydration. This is the first component of a healthy lymphatic system. The second component is movement. Stagnant water becomes problematic as it allows for any pathogen such as a bacteria or some sort of infection to take hold.

This is why movement is such an important component of lymphatic health. This requires you to actually move and to breathe at a higher respiratory rate. This could mean going for a walk, a bike ride, swimming, running, weight lifting, yoga, pilates. Whatever it may be. You can also simply do breath work to move lymphatic fluid as well by increasing your respiratory rate.

The combination of healthy hydration, enough electrolytes to ensure hydration is implemented in the body properly and  consistent movement is a great foundational base for the health of the lymphatic system. These are an essential foundation for a healthy lymphatic system.

Support Lymphatic Cellular Health:

Beyond hydration, electrolytes and movement which is a great foundation and base for a healthy lymphatic system there are specific cells that needs support in order to clean up, heal and detoxify the lymphatic system. Hydration, minerals (electrolytes) and movements are an essential foundation in this process but they won’t get the entire job done especially if you have had years of damage to the lymphatic system.

Most people don’t realize this but the lymphatic system is an extension of the immune system. So anything that supports the immune system is also going to support the health of the lymphatic system as well. Keep this in mind!

The cells that are interacting with the body on behalf of the lymphatic system are mostly lymphocytes (lymphatic cells) which are white blood cells. Within the white blood cell umbrella there are two types of specific cells known as macrophages and cytokines which are both responsible for controlling infections at the point of infection as well as controlling the inflammation response of the body as well.

These cells are so important because they do the heavy lifting that your lymphatic system has endured throughout the years.

Radiate 21 is a formula that I take for the health of my lymphatic system as it supports the immune system, gut and lymphatic system by supporting white blood cells, macrophage and cytokine production. This formula helps to balance the immune system, gut and body as a whole.

I love taking it because I feel improved digestion, higher levels of energy and if I have tension, swelling, bloating or inflammation it acts fast to tame this in my body and bring my equilibrium back.

The formula includes 21 ingredients from Amazonian, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for gut health, lymphatic health and protection from radiation damaging EMF’s. You can learn more by visiting Radiate21.com 

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