Ten Quick Pics That Will Fill Your Cup With Happiness

man and cat at the spa

There are 18 different types of smiles according to the website Brightside.me, which shared the following pictures in a recent article with the intent of making its readership grin from ear-to-ear.

The pictures run the gamut of the lifestyles, personalities, family and community members, and capture the most tender, loving side of people and animals in everyday life.

The goal of the article was to foster universal love, commonality and understanding among all who read it, according to the article’s author (who remained anonymous in this particular case).

“We’ve put together a few images that need no caption to be understood — all of them ooze positive vibes and are a powerful reminder that happiness is about finding joy in the little moments.”

1. “How my dog asks to get picked up onto my bed.”


2. “This is my boyfriend and our daughter, my heart is full.”

dad and baby

3. “It’s Almost as if the Cat Knows You’re Taking a Picture.

girl cat

4. “Proposed to the love of my life over the summer. My friend took this right after she said yes. The happiest day of my life!”


5. “Looks like my niece will be sleeping soundly for this trip.”

girl cat

6. “I had my overgrown thyroid removed 2 weeks ago and with it, hopefully, some of my health problems. For now, I have 2 smiles.”

overgrown thyroid

7. “My cat got a cold and the vet recommended a warm compress for his eyes. I think he’s enjoying his spa time.”

cat spa time

8. “After years of wanting to ride on a motorcycle, I finally convinced my friend to take me for a spin…the facial expression says it all.”

friend ride

9. “He was so happy the day we brought him home from the shelter.”

cat shelter

10. “2 officers stopped to help a young boy change a bike tire after they noticed he was struggling on his own.”

boy and cop bike tire change

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