Tennessee Woman Faces Domestic Violence Charge After Throwing a Skillett of Spaghetti at Her Victim

skillet of spaghetti

Between 960,000 and 3,000,000 incidents of domestic violence are reported each year, and many other cases go unreported according to research conducted nationally.

It is estimated that more than 10 million people experience some form of domestic violence in the United States each year.

Some cases are basic involving the use of force by a man against a woman, or a woman against a man at times.

Other involve weapons, kitchen utensils, and other household items, and sometimes even devolve into a “food fight” of sorts between estranged lovers or family members.

These incidents can leave families shattered and become costly in the court system for the perpetrators.

Recently, one incident in Tennessee has made news headlines because of the bizarre nature of the case, involving a favorite type of food and the kitchen utensil used to make it.

Tennessee Woman Charged With Domestic Violence Over ‘Flying Spaghetti’ Incident

flying spaghetti

A Rogersville, Tennessee woman has been charged with domestic assault after authorities responded to an incident at a home on Tuesday, March 22.

Deputies arrived at the scene at 4:45 p.m. where they discovered a woman covered in spaghetti sauce with a “red mark across her face,” according to a report from the local sheriff’s office shared by the news station WJHL.com.

Police were told by the victim that 63-year-old Donna Mickles became angry that she was staying in her home, and threw a “skillet full of spaghetti” at her.

At First, She Denied It — But Then She Was Caught on Camera

“[The victim] stated after Donna threw [the spaghetti,] she charged at her and slapped her across the face,” the report stated.

Police later found video of the incident and Mickles denied the assault until officers told her it was caught on camera, at which point she admitted to it.

She was then taken to nearby Hawkins County Jail, according to a report from the station.

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