The Bellicon go is the bellicon’s newest rebounder trampoline in the German engineered trampoline companies line of products.

The bellicon GO requires self assembly, the frame is in three parts that you screw together, attach the bungees and mat. There isn’t any customization options for it so it is available in a 44″ diameter, powder coated black steel frame, black bungees, grey trim on the mat and screw in legs. The assembly is easy and straight forward takes about 15-20 minutes.

The Bellicon Go vs. Bellicon Classic Rebounder Models

Compared to the Original models that the frame is one solid piece, will arrive assembled, there are different size options and customization options.

The bounce and feel of both types will be the same and function the same.

Visit Bellicon Go and get free shipping by clicking here.

Visit Bellicon Go and get free shipping by clicking here.