I Want To Help You Regain Your Energy, Youthfulness & Vitality (Here’s How)

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About 15 years ago I decided to start talking about health, specifically gut health and how it correlates with the health of your skin online. It started with publishing youtube videos and one thing led to another. Fast forward a few years, my videos were viewed by millions of people and thousands of people left comments and wrote me emails sharing that their skin had healed and cleared up. Some of them shared that they lost 10, 15 or 20 pounds as well. I told them “That’s what happens when you get healthy!”

This was the beginning of guiding people in their health for me, and it meant so much to get these comments and emails.

Since then I have been passionately engaged in health education and health coaching, for the past 15 years.

But it wasn’t easy starting out.. The reason I started talking about natural living, organic food and toxin exposure was because of personal stories in my family that affected me deeply.

Two stories in particular.

My Mom Had Stage 4 Colon Cancer in 2001

Over 23 years ago now, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer. I was still in school at the time and would go to school each day watching my mom lay on the couch in agony. Afraid that she wouldn’t make it, I struggled in school and walked in fear and anxiety as to what the future held.

Thankfully, by the grace of God my mom connected with Amazon John Easterling at a health conference. John had a unique story himself. Beyond being married to the late Olivia-Newton John, the famous singer and actress from the film grease. John was a treasure hunter in the Amazon Rainforest. As a young man he got sick with rocky mountain spotted fever in the jungle and was knocking on deaths door. The infection had spread and he was hundreds of miles from any possible treatment.

Thankfully, a local tribe in Peru called the Shipibo tribe brought him in and nursed him back to health with Amazonian herbs.

As he recovered in Florida he came to the realization that the treasure he was seeking in the Amazon rainforest wasn’t actually the lost skulls, artifacts and gems, but the botanicals themselves. The plants that have medicinal and therapeutic value. He can tell the story better than me. Watch it here:

He went on to found a company called Amazon Herb Co. (Amazon Herb Company) based out of Jupiter, Florida with Olivia-Newton John.

To this day my mom is not only alive, but cancer free and healthier than ever. But that was just one story that impacted me at a young age. My brother was the other story that deeply impacted me.

My Older Brother Was Born With A Birth Defect From Accutane

The second story in my immediate family that really shifted my perspective during childhood was my older brother’s story. My older brother was born with a birth defect because of accutane. This was something that was caused by my mother taking Accutane in the early 1980’s.

Because of this, my brother was born with a physical birth defect from the moment he came out of the womb. This was something he had to live with, was mocked about and has to live with forever.

Because of my mothers story and my brothers story, I saw what natural plants (real medicine) can do and I also saw what synthetic pharmaceuticals can do as well.

These stories shaped my perspective and my desire to learn, dig and research holistic and natural ways to prevent and even treat health conditions.

This led me to publishing health content on GreenLivingTribe.com (here!) as well as within @HealthyWildFree on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

How Holistic Health Works in Your Favor

Holistic, or natural health is approaching your health with the important elements that create health from the ground up foundationally. Diet, nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep, time in nature.

This all works together to create a healthy body and longevity for you. This is exactly what I specialize in helping my clients find harmony in.

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How Can I Help You in Your Health?

There are three main ways that I can support you in your health today. First, through content. Bookmark GreenLivingTribe.com in your web browser for future health and wellness stories. See video content by searching “Healthy Wild Free” on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Tik Tok.

  1. Get Radiate 21!

    Radiate 21 is a formula that includes twenty-one ingredients for the health of your gut, lymphatic system and protection from EMF’s. This formula was created by me for me. It’s created to combat the most difficult health challenges as we age. As we age it is more difficult to maintain gut health and lymphatic health as well as the antioxidant response of the body.  I take my own supplement daily and when I’m out of my own product, I reorder it myself! This is something I created to replace 10 supplements in one. To simplify life and to create a potent, high quality formula. This formula includes plants from the Amazon Rainforest (inspired by and thanks to John Easterling) as well as Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.You will have healthier bowel movements, more energy, better sleep and higher mental acuity on this formula. It’s formulated for youthfulness and longevity. Click here to visit Radiate21.com!

  2. Get a Health Assessment:

    If you feel like you need 1-on-1 support from me, I do take on a limited number of health assessments on a weekly basis. This is a very simple process. We get on a zoom call for a few hours and I ask you questions around your diet, your sleep, your movement, your mental health, emotional health and toxin/hormone disruptor exposure. Together we review the habits in your life that are causing your health challenges.Maybe it’s a lack of energy, insomnia, gut issues, autoimmune issues. Whatever it may be, we’ll explore and discover together. Maybe it’s fat that you’ve accumulated over the past few years. Whatever it is, we will tackle it together.

    Health assessments are limited on a weekly basis, but you can book an assessment by clicking this link.

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