7 Different Types Of Headaches And How To Stop Them Fast

Getting a headache is never fun, and if it’s recurring it makes matters even worse. It’s important to realize however that headaches have a cause, and that there are actually different types of headaches which have different causes. Like anything else in the body we have control. It is our biology after all.

If we have something painful recurring and don’t choose to do anything about it that’s completely on us. We need to have the compassion and love for ourselves to do something when our health is suffering when our body needs support.

That is why when I learned that there are different types of headaches based on where you’re experiencing the headache in your head, you will need to do something different about that. With that understanding nothing is 100% but these signs, symptoms and correlating actions can really help so try them out. Also, pay close attention to the end of the article to learn some of the broader causes of headaches and what to do in you health to prevent headaches moving forward.

Remember that the symptoms you have is simply your body telling you that something is wrong. This simply signals to your body ‘hey! this is off’ similar to a car with a light in the dashboard.  Without further ado, let’s get into the different types of headaches and what to do about each to remedy them.

7 Different Types Of Headaches

  1. Sinus Headache:

    A sinus headache can cause pressure that can be painful. Sinus headaches can usually be felt in your forehead, in the front. It can also be felt around your eyes and cheeks as well. Sinus headaches typically get worse as the day goes on. If you get sinus headaches on a regular basis it could mean a variety of things. If you have sinus headaches continuously you could have a small infection recurring in your sinuses or some other sort of congestion going on. I strongly recommend a product called Boku nose for this, which is a colloidal silver with essential oil mix that you put in your nostrils. This helps to keep the nostrils healthy and to prevent infections from taking hold and causing issues. Make sure to use the discount code: healthywildfree for a discount on your order! This is great for any sinus issues or sinus headaches.

  2. Allergy Headache:

    Allergies can create headaches also. The allergic response of the body causes tension and leads to headaches. This is actually one of the most common forms of headaches. This can lead to more sinus pressure as well. Allergies can complicate sinus pressure, tension and headaches also. An allergy headache can also bring on watery and itchy eyes. Changing your diet can help to keep allergies at bay.

  3. Caffeine Withdrawal Headache:

    A caffeine withdrawal headache happens when you’re getting off caffeine. It can also happen when not having energy drinks. Coming off caffeine can be difficult. If you really want to break free from caffeine, which is a stimulate and drains the body of important key minerals you need to stay vigilant. Simply drink more water and get more minerals in your body. These are the two things that your body needs to curb your caffeine appetite and to sustain your energy as a whole.

  4. Anxiety Headaches:

    Anxiety headaches are caused by prolonged stress. This type of headache is felt across the forehead, like where a headband would go. It is most likely to arrive during a period of stress and anxiety. The best thing you can do here is reduce stress to the best of your ability. Do not go into environments or situations of high stress if you can help it. Take adaptogens for stress like Ashwagandha or antioxidants. I like Radiate Immunity for any anxiety or stress as it supports reducing stress but also the breathing systems of the body as well. You can use the code gratitude at RadiateImmunity.com for 10% off!

  5. Tension Headache:

    Tension headaches are one of the most common types of headaches. This headache is felt in the temples specifically. This can also be in the back of the head and down the neck as well. This can be caused by muscle strain so be sure to straighten up your posture and strengthen your back. We have an issue in society with forward head posture and hunching over. It would be valuable to do back strengthening exercises. I have done a free training on youtube called Foundation training which is 12 minutes long and has really helped me strengthen my back. Rest and stress management are also important here.

  6. Cluster Headache:

    Cluster headaches can be very painful and difficult to deal with headaches. These are typically centered around the eyes more than anything. These can cause the eyes to water and nasal congestion. Cluster headaches do not have a known cause but drinking alcohol and smoking has made them worse. One main cause here could be attributed to dehydration as a whole. So get hydrated and stay hydrated better.

  7. Migraine Headache:

    Migraine headaches can be a pain to deal with. They can last anywhere from 4 hours all the way up to 72 hours, 3 full days. This can create sensitivity to light and sound and sensitivity in general. It has been found that peppermint oil, cold exposure or apple cider vinegar capsules (click here to get 15% off capsules) can help to relieve migraine pain so make these a part of your routine to keep migraine headaches at bay.

And there you have it. The seven different types of headaches and each of them has different causes so be sure to remedy each type of headache on a case by case basis. There are general rules however that help to keep headaches at bay as a whole. There are three main causes of headaches across the board and if these three things are addressed your body will be healthier and you will have less headaches in general.

The Importance Of Knowing What Causes Headaches

It is important to know the causes of headaches so that you can stop fighting the headaches and begin to address the underlying root cause. There are three main causes of headaches across the board and if you can take care of each of these areas in your own health you will be far less likely to have headaches or you’ll have them far less often.

The Main Causes Of Headaches:

  1. Dehydration:

    Being dehydrated is the #1 cause of all headaches. This is important to know because many of us are dehydrated without knowing it. Dehydration is not simply a lack of water but it is also a lack of key electrolyte minerals that facilitate in the hydration process within the cells of our body. There are 6 key electrolytes necessary for hydration and this is half the equation. Drinking high quality (not tap or plastic bottled) water with these electrolytes really nourishes the body in it’s ability to hydrate itself properly. Click here to read an article on how to get hydrated and stay hydrated.

  2. Lymphatic Stagnation:

    The lymphatic system helps to absorb nutrients, remove waste and facilitate the immune system as an extension throughout the body. It is so important to keep the lymphatic system healthy and flowing properly. There are some key pieces of advice here that I hope stay with you. The lymphatic system is comprised of water and oxygen. Therefore, anything that supports hydration, oxygenation and the flow of these within the body supports lymphatic health. In other words, getting hydrated and getting more oxygen. This means moving your body to get the water and oxygen flowing is a good thing. Move your body, stay hydrated, and breathe well. You can learn more about how to support the health of the lymphatic system here. It is also important to note that the glymphatic system is the extension of the lymphatic system in the brain. This system needs plenty of rest and support toe keep the brain healthy as well.

  3. Liver Toxicity:

    The liver has over 500 biological functions including hormonal regulation, metabolism, blood purification and so much more. When toxins and compounds build up in the liver that are not supposed to be there the liver becomes sluggish. This leads to toxins and chemicals that have gotten in the body to create stagnation within the liver. Instead of being drained out of the body they can reenter the circulation system and leading to headaches. This is why liver health is so important. It’s the draining system for things in the body that are not meant to be there. Support your liver health with leafy greens, citrus fruits and a good liver organ supplement like this one (click here to get 15% off) on a daily basis.

    I have found that Radiate Immunity can be really helpful in each of these areas. It’s an immunity supplement with herbs, flowers, a few roots, a berry and more. These all work synergistically together to support the health of the immune system, lymphatic system, liver, as well as to reduce stress with very powerful antioxidants. You can learn more at RadiateImmunity.com. Be sure to use the discount code gratitude to receive 10% off your order!

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