Christian Couple Attacked By LGBTQ ‘Community’ For Creating Christian Wedding Venue For Straight Couples

Every once in a while I come across a story that is hard to believe. Today, I discovered one of those stories. A couple in Grand Rapids, Michigan have spent the last few years putting their time, energy and money into converting an old church into a wedding venue. The Venue is called The Broadway Avenue and is a beautiful wedding destination. They put everything they have on the line to get this wedding venue in business and are hard working to make it happen. Raising a family, working a full-time job and getting a venue remodeled and up for business is no easy feat.

They were in the process of finishing their venue when they got an Instagram message from someone asking if they host LGBTQ weddings. Hannah replied to this individual stating that she’s a Christian and that she believes god created marriage to be between a man and a woman, and that they want to run their business in accordance with their faith.

They simply believe that God intended for a man and a woman to become one, through marriage and procreate. Quite simple. Some people believe LGBTQ marriage is okay, some people do not. The message shared by Hannah said nothing offensive or divisive. She had no anger or hatred towards the individual for being gay. It’s simply not what they believe God has planned for them and their business.

When “Love is Love” Doesn’t Add Up..

The LBGTQ community took quite a big offense to this however, claiming ‘discrimination’ and that it was wrong. It turned into a vicious attack on them individually, their family and more. Different businesses and people have now completely boycotted and banned this wedding venue because they took one message out of context and ran with it. Someone even called Nick’s mother and told her what an awful son she raised. They have sent hateful messages on social media, review sites and created a whole cloud of negativity over Nick and Hannah and their venue The Broadway Avenue.

Nick and Hannah have no hate or ill intent in their heart for the LGBTQ community. They also have no phobia and are very clear about this. When does the ‘love is love’ mantra really kick in? The community that promotes ‘love for all’ took to the streets and began protesting in front of their very business. The hateful comments and messages escalated to a in person protest in front of their business with people wishing and hoping for their failure. How is this inclusive love? 

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The Media And Community Urged People To “Spend Their Money Elsewhere”

The media and public have really attacked them for having a straight wedding venue. It’s almost as if being straight and married is offensive to the LGBTQ community. Simply because they offer a service that doesn’t cater to them, and they feel the need for everyone to be ‘inclusive’ of them, yet their ‘inclusiveness’ doesn’t extend to a wedding venue for straight people.

Cancel culture has become a method that has been used to attack people personally. This is another example of that.

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The venue is not hateful, not attacking, not hurting or even speaking out against LGBTQ people in any way whatsoever. But simply because the venue serves the straight marriage market and believes this is what marriage is, a group of people are offended and triggered to the point where they want to destroy them.

When’s the last time you saw straight people going and marching in front of a gay business or gay venue attacking them? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Crickets… Why do LGBTQ couples need to prove their love to straight couples so badly? Why don’t they just mind their business like straight people do?

I thought ‘love is love’ within the LGBTQ community? I thought this was all about being inclusive. Or is it only being inclusive to people who think and act like you, and believe that a straight wedding venue MUST serve the gay market.

The LGBTQ community used to be kinder, used to be more loving, used to be more caring. Hopefully this community in Grand Rapids area misrepresents the community at large, but I’m beginning to think this anger and rage may not come from the healthiest place. I question the individual who shoves their beliefs down the throat of others with hate, not the person simply living their truth and running their business in love while being attacked. This simply shows us that just because you say ‘love is love’ doesn’t mean you act this out in everyday life. It is apparent that the actions of Nick and Hannah come from their personal convictions. The volume of the LGBTG communities words and actions are not rooted in ‘love’ as they so strongly promote.

If you believe in Biblical marriage and want to support this wedding venue you can visit their website, follow on social media and support the venue financially below. As your mother hopefully taught you, if you don’t have anything kind to say don’t say it at all. Nick and Hannah have said nothing unkind to the LGBTQ community, so there’s no need to personally attack them just because they’re ‘different’ than you. We are all different and that’s what makes humanity beautiful. Agree to disagree as we used to say back in the day.

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