How To Remove Uric Acid Crystallization In Joints Fast (This Causes Gout AND Joint Pain)

Uric acid is a waste chemical that is found in your blood. These waste chemicals can build up and develop gout, joint pain and even arthritis over time which is why you don’t want uric acid to build up and crystalize in your joints. This creates inflammation, calcium buildup that can lead to arthritis and more. To avoid gout pain and arthritic pain you want to remove uric acid levels from your body and maintain a good homeostasis.

The more uric acid builds up the more issues arise from the toxicity of the blood and this crystallization that occurs over time which you do not want.

How Purine Rich Foods Raise Uric Acid Levels

Purine rich foods are foods that create uric acid as a waste product once it breaks down in the body. Foods like pork, shellfish, tuna and shellfish should be reduced. Typically meats and dairy should be reduced as these are rich in purine. Mushrooms and green peas are also high in purine levels. Foods like fruits and vegetables are low in purines so you want to include more of these in your diet overall. Nuts are also purine low foods as well so you can include more of these in your diet. Alcohol triggers higher uric acid levels as well. Certain types like beer are rich in purine which raise uric acid levels.

How Sugar Connects To Uric Acid

Uric acid is associated with protein but uric acid can also spike with a high sugar diet. Specifically fructose, a type of sugar has been found to increase uric acid levels substantially so do your best to avoid this type of sugar or at the very least reduce it. Cut out liquid sugars as well. Liquid sugars are absorbed faster so they are the absolute worst.

How To Reduce Uric Acid Levels:

Plenty of water and fiber help to reduce and flush uric acid out of the body faster. You also want to balance your blood sugar levels. You can do this by having more protein or fat in your diet to buffer the absorption of sugar. You can also drink coffee. One study found that coffee drinkers had a 22% reduced chance in getting gout.

It’s been found that long term coffee consumption can also support cardiovascular health. Losing weight is also good for removing excess uric acid from the body and in the development of gout. Fat cells produce more uric acid than muscle. You should avoid anything that keeps stubborn belly fat on your body. The junk food, the sugar, everything.

Cherries are also helpful in preventing gout because they contain vitamin C. These are also anti-inflammatory which reduces pain from swelling in joints.

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Vitamin C Helps Prevent Uric Acid & Gout:

Vitamin C has plenty of research showing that this reduces uric acid levels as well as reduces the risk of a gout attack. You have to be careful here however because many vitamin C supplements are made from synthetic vitamin C which will not give you the desired result you’re looking for. You only want vitamin C from whole food sources or a whole food sourced supplement that contains vitamin C from foods from nature. You can read this article about the healthiest vitamin C or simply click here to get 15% off the organic vitamin C supplement that I use and recommend.

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Stress Impacts The Body – Use Magnesium

Stress increases inflammation which leads to higher levels of uric acid. You have to find ways to become more adaptive to stress. I recommend getting a full nights sleep and taking things like an epsom salt bath or a magnesium bath flake bath. I use magnesium bath flakes from omica organics and this is such a great way to reduce stress as well as to absorb magnesium. This is important to keep in mind. A 2015 study showed that adequate magnesium is associated with lower and healthier levels of uric acid, which is good for lowering gout risk. This study was done on men only but would work for women or men both as magnesium is required for both men and women.

I recommend taking bioptimizers magnesium capsules by clicking here. as they are all forms of magnesium and very bioavailable. They absorb well by the body. You can click here to get that. Use the discount code: Healthywildfree to get a discount on your order.

I also recommend Omica Organics magnesium spray and magnesium bath flakes. These are topical forms of magnesium to reduce stress and absorb this precious mineral from the inside out. You can click here to visit Omica Organics. Use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order! They also have a topical magnesium spray with lavender that is so calming and relaxing. The discount code above works for your entire order so stock up and save that code, it will work every time you order moving forward! It’s a lifetime discount, but only while supplies last!

Personally I use both internal magnesium and topical magnesium. Both are ideal. Approximately 80% of the US population is deficient in magnesium so there’s a good chance your body doesn’t have enough magnesium to be healthy right now. Having both will replenish those levels faster. You’ll notice your sleep quality improve as well as your energy levels improve. Your gout symptoms decrease and uric acid remove itself from your body as this supports that also.

Celery juice also helps to remove excess uric acid from the body. So does black cherry juice or black cherries whole. Nettle tea is actually beneficial for the body as well. Bromelain is also incredibly beneficial for helping to remove excess uric acid from the body too. This enzyme is rich in pineapple so add more pineapple to your diet.

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