Green Living Tribe was founded to bring awareness to healthy, organic, non-gmo living. With that we’ve stumbled on many brands that we have found valuable that we use over the years that we’d like to recommend to you here. We’ve reached out to some of these brands and negotiated better deals for you such as free shipping, discount codes and more!

With that being said, here are some of our favorite health, wellness, fitness and eco-friendly brands below:

Radiate 21: Radiate 21 is a multi-botanical supplement that comes in a liquid capsule and is resonated at 528 Hz. This product is formulated for gut support, specifically the gut lining, lymphatic health support and protection from EMF’s by giving your body high powered ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) antioxidants.

You can learn more about how Radiate 21 Protects the body from radiation and EMF’s here:

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1. Omica Organics:

Omica organics is a high quality boutique brand with biodynamically grown products. They have everything from Turmeric to ashwagandha, mucuna, fulvic minerals, Amla and much more. They also have what I believe to be the best home water filters for the kitchen sink and shower both.

Click here for home filter options.
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You can visit them by clicking here:
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2. Mito Red Light: Red light therapy is an effective way to mimic sunlight and the benefits of sunlight especially in the cooler months. The fall and winter months in particular it comes in very handy. Red light therapy companies such as Mito red light mimic the nanometer spectrum wavelength of light so that the body has the same biochemical response to red light as it would to sunlight.

This video explains more:

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3. Bellicon: Bellicon is the premier mini-trampoline rebounder brand. I’ve tried about four different brands over the years and none of them come anywhere close to the quality, experience and bounce I’ve had on the bellicon rebounder. It is so loved now by my entire family that three of my six family members now own one!

Jumping on a mini-trampoline (also known as a rebounder) highly benefits the lymphatic system and is perhaps the best exercise that you can do for your lymphatic system alongside utilizing a vibration plate.

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4. Powerplate: Powerplate is the premier go to vibration plate brand. They’re beneficial for gut motility, lymphatic health, circulation, joint health, muscle health and more! Here’s a quick video review and overview:

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5. Qualia/Neurohacker: The brand qualia goes by neurohacker on instagram and has a few high quality supplements that I really appreciate. In particular their qualia mind, qualia night and qualia synbiotic. Qualia mind is a Nootropic for brain health and performance. Qualia night is a supplement for sleep quality that works better than anything for improving sleep quality. Qualia symbiotic is a powder blend for gut health that tastes delicious and is a nice blend of fermented berries and acv powder that actually tastes delicious!

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6. Boku Superfoods: Boku superfoods is a delicious superfood brand that carries my favorite seasoning. Umami seasoning. They also have boutique powders such as superfood powders, protein powders, vitamin c powder, an incredible product called boku smile bites (a toothpaste alternative) that I really like which contains charcoal, essential oils and probiotics for the ultimate gum and teeth health.

You can visit them at
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7. Xero Shoes: Xero shoes is the #1 barefoot minimalist shoe brand. I’ve tried multiple brands and no brand comes close to Xero shoes. Xero shoes were designed for posture and with biomechanics in mind. Did you know that by wearing shoes with an elevated heel you are harming your posture every single time you wear them? Say good-bye to chiropractor visits and gain your strength, mobility and flexibility back with xero shoes.

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8. Truly Free Detergent & Cleaners: Truly free is the best home cleaning brand. They have laundry detergent, and cleaners for your kitchen, bathroom and home. They are better for three big reasons. First, they donate a large portion of their earnings to charities that help to rescue women from sex trafficking. Second, they are more natural and chemical free. Third, they are reducing plastic waste by using a unique system to send laundry refill solution in powdered packets in the mail which not only reduces plastic but saves you money by reducing the shipping cost. The company is incredibly heart centered and has the best intentions. They are worth supporting!

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9. Lambs Clothing: Lambs clothing is the only EMF reducing and protecting clothing brand on the market that I trust. They use faraday technology in their clothing to repel positive ions that are emitted by things like your cell phone, wifi router and more. They have boxers, t-shirts, baseball hats, winter hats and more! 

Visit to learn more!

10. Paleovalley: Paleovalley is one of my favorite healthy food and supplement companies. They have some really great beef jerky sticks as well as healthy bars that are delicious. They also have some delicious colostrum and whey protein powders, a golden milk superfood powder and much more.

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12. Surthrival: Surthrival has delicious colostrum, a great vitamin d supplement and several other valuable products. The company focuses on quality and bioavailability.

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13. Chili Sleep Pad: The chili sleep pad is a surefire way to increase sleep quality. Did you know that the temperature of your sleeping environment improves your sleep quality? The chili sleep pad is a device that cools down your sleeping environment so that you can get a better night’s sleep. Many people have proven that their sleep quality improves by using tracking devices before and after the Chili Sleep Pad.

You can learn more at by clicking here.

14. Modern Hempi: Modern Hempi makes amazing essential oil blends and beauty products. The founder is a personal friend of mine and she does an incredible job at incorporating unique essential oils into blends for everyday use such as muscle soreness, fatigue and overall beauty. The Agape oil is the best body and face oil that I have ever used and I’ve tried a LOT of different brands. I highly recommend it!

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15. Kasandrinos Olive Oil & Vinegars: Kasandrinos olive oil and vinegars are top notch. The founder is a personal friend of mine. The olive trees are in Greece and have been in his family for generation. Everything is certified organic, non-gmo and extra virgin, cold-pressed etc. They check all the boxes for quality and the olive oil and vinegars taste delicious!

Click here to get a free 100ml bottle of their Olive oil to try on the house!

16. EcoNugenics Citrus Pectin: Citrus pectin is a component that is taken from the peels of citrus fruits and is modified for bioavailability and absorption. This supplement is one of the best things you can take for mold exposure, glyphosate and heavy metals in the body. This helps to gently bind, detox and remove them from the body. The lime flavor powder is a delicious addition to your drinks. I highly recommend it! Click here to visit Econugenics. 

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17. Schizandu Naturals: This brand is run by a friend of mine who carries some exceptional products for health and beauty. I really like their activated charcoal as they have both powder and pills. She also has an incredible mud mask from Europe.

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