Top Ten Healthiest Cities in America Revealed for 2022, With a Surprise Entrant in the Top Position

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When you think of the healthiest cities in America, which ones typically come to mind?

Is it a small town with clean, fresh air and farmers who work on the land each day, perhaps?

Is it a tropical paradise in the middle of nowhere with pristine blue water?

Or could it be the West Coast area where the gyms are just as packed as the health food stores?

The question is a personal thing, but thankfully we have a list now to stoke some ‘healthy’ discussion on the topic.

This year’s number one city is typically known for its nightlife, as well as its residents’ penchants for having a good time. It isn’t necessarily quite as well known for its overall health, in large part due to its “vices,” crime, pollution and other issues.

So, did you guess it yet?

If not, check out the list below, and let’s hear your responses as to whether or not you think this list is true.

The Top Ten Healthiest Cities in America 2022 

This list was compiled by, and takes a ‘holistic look’ at well-being.

The top metrics for this ranking are:

How much residents exercise
How stressed they are
The amount of rest they get
How many of them smoke
How much alcohol they drink
Their body mass index
How close they are to friends and family
How connected they feel to their communities
Whether they feel spiritually fulfilled

1. Miami- 

miami healthiest

Taking the top spot for the third year in a row, Miami got high marks because of its nutrition, fitness, hydration, and diets. Residents spend more than any other cities’ residents at spas, wellness centers, and fitness centers.

Beach workouts are also popular in this exciting and health-conscious city.


2. Los Angeles- 

Quite an impressive feat considering the smog, isn’t it?

This city scored highly in exercise, physical fitness, and feelings of fulfillment.

3. San Diego- 

Leisure is big in San Diego, with nearly 70% of residents saying they took time out for play or fun. Health and outdoor workouts are also key in this city’s ranking.

4. Atlanta- 

Second in fulfillment and second at wellness center expenditures, Atlanta made high marks in 2022.

5. Washington, D.C.- 

Our Nation’s Capitol is filled with intellectually healthy individuals according to this year’s rankings, and nearly 80% of its residents get a workout in each week.

6. San Francisco- 

san fran healthy

Fitness, diet and fulfillment factor in well in San Francisco, but the city slipped from 3rd to 6th due to an increase in alcohol consumption.

7. San Jose- 

Yet another California city on the list, San Jose is at or near the top in non-smoking residents and residents with a healthy Body Mass Index.

8. Austin- 

The Texas-based hippie haven is known as a place where residents work out often during the middle of the day, and it is also a home to many residents who participate in creatively fulfilling activities.

9. Seattle- 

Don’t let the rainy days fool you, Seattle residents know how to get outside for work, play and socialization. The city is also noted for its residents’ high rates of hydration.

10. Raleigh-

raleigh north carolina

This North Carolina based city is full of residents who prioritize workouts and avoid drinking too much, just part of why Raleigh rose from the top 30 to the top 10 this year.

Thanks again for reading!

The rest of the top 30 is as follows.

Did your city make the list, and would you consider your hometown’s residents as being healthy? 

11. Long Beach, CA
12. Chicago, IL
13. Minneapolis, MN
14. Houston, TX
15. Dallas, TX
16. Tampa, FL
17. Nashville, TN
18. Charlotte, NC
19. New York, NY
20. Boston, MA
21. Denver, CO
22. Colorado Springs, CO
23. Oakland, CA
24. New Orleans, LA
25. Sacramento, CA
26. Tucson, AZ
27. Fort Worth, TX
28. Jacksonville, FL
29. Virginia Beach, VA
30. Mesa, AZ

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