IAre you looking to learn more about biohacking? And to be coached by a biohacker that has been activately engage in the art and science of biohacking for more than 15 years. You’ve landed on the right site. My name is David Benjamin and I’ve been biohacking and optimizing my health for over 15 years now.

I’ve spent easily over $50,000 (beyond diet) in my health routines, protocols and practices over the past decade. Everything from superfoods, herbalism, health technology, light therapies, sound therapies, magnetic therapies, sleep optimization, muscle growth (which I have gained 15 lbs of muscle) and so much more.

Biohacking involves the art and science of modulating your biology to improve it. Youthen it and create healthy patterns and habits that are conducive to health, energy, mitochondrial optimization and longevity.

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking refers to the practice of modifying or enhancing biological systems, typically using techniques from fields such as biology, genetics, and medicine, in order to optimize human performance, health, or capabilities. It can involve various approaches, including dietary changes, supplementation, use of technology (like wearable devices or implants), genetic modifications, and lifestyle adjustments, all aimed at improving physical and cognitive functions.

Biohacking isn’t just about enhancing abilities; it can also involve understanding and experimenting with one’s body and biology to achieve specific health or wellness goals. Some biohackers might focus on optimizing sleep patterns, improving mental clarity and focus, enhancing physical performance, or even attempting to extend lifespan through various means.

It’s important to note that while biohacking has gained popularity, some practices may be controversial or not backed by scientific consensus. As with any health-related pursuits, caution, research, and consulting with medical professionals are advised to ensure safety and effectiveness.

I personally use natural plants, mushrooms and compounds found in nature and pair those with technology. I find that the mix of natural aids to modulate, boost or improve biological functions paired with technology aiming to do the same works very well together.

Why Hire Me as Your Biohacker Coach?

I’ve been well versed in biohacking since the early days, since before ‘biohacking’ was even a term in the eye of the public. Personally, I’ve been my own guinea pig on my own health and biology for over 15 years. I’m well versed in different light therapies, like red light therapy and sunlight and you can learn a bit more about how I have benefited from these things in these videos. Here you’ll learn a bit more about my education style and what it would be like to be coached from me directly:

I’ve been utilizing the sunshine to benefit my health for many years, with protocols to increase nutrient bioavailability timed with sunshine at certain points in the day. When it’s winter time I use RLT (red light therapy) to acheive similar benefits, see here:

I get and recommend red light therapy products from Mito Red Light (click here to visit) and use the disount code: healthywildfree to get a discount on your purchase.

I’ve also utilized PEMF, ozone therapy, hydrogen therapy, magnetic therapy, rife technology, tesla coils, magnet based therapies, brainwave training (otherwise known as neurofeedback), biofeedback and many other types of health technology to support my health and biology over the years.

A lot of experimentation has been done, and through it all I have learned a lot. What works, what doesn’t, what’s worth optimizing and what isn’t.

I’m deeply embedded into the health and wellness community online and have relationships with a lot of the top health teachers, trainers and biohackers you see online.

Recently I developed a health assessment protocol to take people through to see where their health is to improve it.

The Health Assessment Process:

The health assessment is a scheduled call with me where you and I get on the phone and I ask you questions in six key areas of your health. These 6 areas are as follows..

  1. Sleep Health
  2. Diet & Nutrition
  3. Stress/Emotions
  4. Toxic Exposure
  5. Fitness Health
  6. Relationship Health

Each of these six key areas connects to your health as a whole. Without guidance you may think you’re doing great in your sleep, but you can do better. Without guidance you may think that your diet is healthy and complete but you’re eating two or three foods daily that are causing chronic inflammation or spikes in blood sugar.

Without guidance you may tell yourself “I’m not stressed, I don’t need to worry about it” – Meanwhile, your stress is causing free radical damage each day that leads to chronic inflammation and breakdown of muscle tissue and loss of sleep.

Without guidance you may not realize the amount of chemicals and hormone disruptors in your environment that are giving you brain fog, headaches, immune issues and more.

Without guidance you might be in shape, but with guidance you can build muscle, build resilience, energy, flexibility and mobility to age backwards 5 to 10 years.

Without guidance you might say your relationships are healthy, but with a bit deeper you can dig deeper and realize that there are some relationships in your life, perhaps romantic, perhaps professinoal, perhaps friendships that are infringing on your life in one way or another that need to be addressed because they are draining your energy, health and life if not.

That’s what I do as a biohacking coach. I support and guide you in areas that I have built and developed expertise.

If you are ready to book a health assessment with me, head over to this web page and get started booking a call today. 

You won’t regret it, it could be the one appointment you make in 2024 that really changes things for good.

See you on the inside!

  • David Benjamin