The 3 Big Secrets Your Chiropractor Doesn’t Want You To Know – Never Pay For An Adjustment Again

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Chiropractors make a living cracking your back and making sure that your spine is aligned, but your spine should naturally align itself if you’re doing the right things. Doing the wrong things however, create a spine that is unaligned and the need for the chiropractor.

But what if you could interject and position your back to get back to alignment without going to the chiropractor? I believe that you can, for multiple reasons. Once I truly understood that there are very specific things that I can do to align my spine, my back, and strengthen my back so that it is less likely to go into these faulty, and possibly strained or painful positions I gave myself a chance to calibrate my spine myself.

Your Spine Health is Directly Correlated With Posture

The health of your spine, the strength, flexibility and mobility of your body in it’s ability to stay erect is determined by your posture and the strength and balance of the muscles between the muscles in the front of the body, that pull you forward, and the back of the body, which aim to align your spine. Once you understand this you can act proactively to make progress and strengthen your spine.

Over the years I have learned from my own experience, a good friend who’s a posture coach, and the basic concept of compression and decompression that we actually have a lot of power in our spine.

There’s a Reason The Saying Goes “They Don’t Have a Spine, They Have No Backbone”

We’ve all heard the phase “They don’t have any backbone, they don’t have any spine” but what does this mean? It simply means they won’t stand up for themselves, they don’t have a sense of strength or resilience that will help them out if they chose to stand up for themselves.

This psychological concept tells us what’s wrong with our physical posture, as well as our emotional posture, all in one simple statement. It’s telling us that our spine is not strong, and needs strengthening.

The Two Things Chiropractors Do That Help

Chiropractors do help, I’m not saying that they don’t help or don’t add value but they are not necessary once you learn how to align your spine.

Chiropractic treatment may encompass the following modalities:

  1. Joint Adjustments: Utilized to delicately realign joints, thereby reducing discomfort and enhancing flexibility.
  2. Soft Tissue Therapy: Employed to alleviate muscle tightness, alleviate spasms, and alleviate tension within the fascia enveloping each muscle.

These are both great. They  do this by manipulating your spine and adjusting things back into place. They do this through two main means.

What Two Skills Do Chiropractors Have?

  1. Decompression: Ever have a chiropractor pull your neck, it cracks and you go “wow, I feel a lot better” that is decompression. Decompression in the neck and spine are valuable because the weight that we carry, our head, and body when held in an improper posture will lead to this tension and tightness. We’re going to share with you a few decompression ideas with you here in a minute, so pay attention!
  2. Rotation: The other skill that chiropractors bring to the table is rotation of the spine. They do this by laying you on your side and helping you to rotate your spine. This is important because we can get tightness or tension in our muscles causing us to be imbalanced on one side of our body or the other.

Chiropractors Bring Value To The Table But They Are Not Needed

I used to go to the chiropractor but I do not anymore because they are not needed. There are four key things that you can utilize in your home that will prevent you from having to get a chiropractic adjustment ever again. If you do these four things anytime you have back pain or back trouble I’m sure you’ll get your back and spine back.

How To Adjust & Align Your Spine At Home:

    1. Decompress Your Spine:The spine is a series of vertebrae that get compressed because we sit and slouch. If we had a strong back and held our posture better we wouldn’t have so much spine compression. What’s the solution to compression of the spine? Decompression.The BEST way to decompress your spine is to simply hold onto a pull-up bar and hang. Let your body weight do the work. You can also hang on a tree branch, a ledge. Anything that causes your full body weight to completely hang. This is also great because it increases your grip strength over time which helps with longevity! Your spine will feel better from this decompression.
    2. Decompress Your Neck: The best way to do this is very simple. Lay on the edge of your bed and allow your head to fall backwards. The challenge we have with our spine compressing is that we hold our neck forward. So taking the time to lay down flat and let the head fall back allows for the weight of our head create the opposite of that compression effect and allow for decompression.See here:


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  1. Do The 12 Minute Foundation Training:

    Foundation training was created by Eric Goodman. This 12 minute at home spine strengthening session will help to strengthen your back muscles and help your stand straight and tall. The biggest challenge is that we lean forward and tilt our head forward which is what creates that compression. I have found that foundation training works wonders and is worth utilizing consistently if you have any back pain, tightness or tension.
  2. Wear Xero Shoes:Xero shoes are the #1 barefoot minimalist shoe brand in the world. I’ve tried four different brands now, but i’ve landed on Xero shoes being the best. These shoes have zero drop which means they have no elevated heel, which would cause you to tilt forward contributing to unhealthy posture and back challenges. The toe box is also wider so that your toes have more surface area which gives you better balance, mobility and flexibility. I cannot recommend these shoes more highly enough. They will help reinforce healthy posture patterns. You can get a pair of Xero shoes by clicking here or visiting

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