The Top 3 Ways To Reduce Back Pain Fast

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There’s no doubt that back pain is one of the worst ongoing pains to deal with. It’s frustrating, sitting, standing, moving in any way to deal with tension, stress and the constant aches and pains that our back holds. The back is a strong point of pressure for the body. The majority of our weight is from our legs up so our back holds all these pounds of pressure.

The big challenge here is our weight that the back holds. We’re leaning forward while we drive, or work over a computer screen. This causes our back pain to worsen as it harms our posture as well.

There are three key areas that can cause ongoing back pain and to remove this tension and pressure on the back from the body is a great way to reduce pain and allow for better circulation in the body. The three key areas to reduce back pain that we’ll explore today are important because it allows for areas of the back that hold pain to reduce pain, increase circulation as well as to decompress this area of the body.

When each of these are done in a sequential order it allows the body to align itself and for the pain to subside. We’ve seen it happen hundreds of times successfully when done in the proper order.

The Top 3 Ways To Reduce Or Remove Back Pain Entirely

  1. Reduce Inflammation:

    Turmeric is the best anti-inflammatory agent in the world. It has more research backing it as the strongest anti-inflammatory therapeutic in the world. Thanks to the compound curcumin, this root helps to downregulate the majority of inflammation pathways. About 80% of inflammatory pathways are downregulated from curcumin, the active compound in turmeric. I recommend Omica Organics liquid turmeric with ginger (click here to visit) as turmeric is anti-inflammatory and ginger is a circulation booster. These both help to reduce pain and inflammation. Use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order on the website. Currently, it is on sale, plus you get the 10% off on top of that. So it’s a great time to take advantage.

  2. Increase Circulation:

    Enhancing circulation and moving the blood is incredibly important for reducing or entirely eliminating back pain. This area of the body has limited blood flow in general so it is imperative to support the circulation systems of the body to bring more blood, oxygen and nutrients to this area which all comes from the blood. Foods that are rich in nitric oxide help to increase and stimulate circulation flow. Foods such as leafy greens, beets, pomegranates and cacao are all nitric oxide boosters. You’ll want to also include more hot spices such as ginger, cayenne and cinnamon in your diet. This is why we so strongly recommend the Omica Organics turmeric + ginger capsules here, and use the code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order.

    It’s currently on sale and you get 10% off on top of that, so it helps to support the reduction of inflammation as well as the improvement of circulation which are both important steps in reducing or eliminating back pain as a whole.

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  3. Decompress Your Back:

    A third and final step to reducing or eliminating back pain as a whole is to create an environment for decompression of the back. Think about the importance of this. We sit in chairs at the office, sit in chairs at home, sit on the couch, sit in our car. Long story short, we sit far too often in life. This causes the weight and compression of gravity to weigh on our backs. The lower back in particular is a hot spot for all this tension and compression.

    The opposite of compression is decompression. There are several different ways to decompress the back, and some I find more valuable than others. First, you can get what’s called an inversion table. An inversion table is a table that you lay on, strap your feet in and lay backwards. This allows you to hang upside down and to decompress your back. This is good because it stretches your back and uses the pulling of your weight to create an environment for decompression. The downside here is the blood is flowing to the top of your head and some say this isn’t as healthy.

    A secondary option from an inversion table is to get what’s known as a yoga swing. A yoga swing is hung somewhere in your home and it allows you to sit in it, wrap your feet in it and hang in different ways to stretch and decompress your back. You can find yoga swings on amazon for as cheap as 50 bucks (click here to browse yoga swings on amazon).

    A third and final way to create a decompression environment for your back is to simply hang from a pull-up bar or from a tree branch, or anything that will hold your weight that you can hold on with both of your palms. Simply hanging there and allowing that stretching of your body weight and back will provide a nice decompression which opens up the circulation, the lymphatic system, the nerves and more.

    Decompression is vital for back pain because it allows for gravity to work in your favor and reset things. Don’t overlook the reduction of inflammation, the increasing of circulation and the decompression. Together these three things can work wonders in reducing or eliminating back pain for good.

    Additionally, chiropractic and massage work can be very helpful in removing tension, pain and stress on the body and specifically the back. Use the platform to find chiropractors and massage therapists near you.

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    Did You Know That Posture Can Affect Back Pain?

    Another factor that is often overlooked is that posture does influence the posture of the back. One little known fact is that the shoes that we wear effect our posture in a large way. The elevated heels push our posture forward, and our knees forward, which cause our hips to pull out of place. From the ground up, the posture of your feet creates the posture of your knees, then hips, and ultimately your back. Take a look at this video which explains more:

I had horrible knee pain that was caused by the shoes I was wearing. This led to some back issues later but you could have knee, hip or back pain all from wearing the wrong shoes! This is why I now only wear Xero Shoes (click here to visit) as these are barefoot, minimalist shoes that mimic barefoot walking which allows your posture to naturally find it’s balance. I highly recommend upgrading your shoes to these and seeing how that influences your posture as a whole.

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