The Most Important Nutrients and Adaptogens To Sharpen Your Mind As You Age

The older we get the more proactive and preventative we have to be about our health. Our organs and brain age as stress, free radical damage, exposure to chemicals and toxins wear and tear our body and brain. As I age I started to find myself being a bit more forgetful or not mentally clear. I may walk into a room and say to myself ‘why did I walk in here again?’ and I know i’m not the only one that’s experienced this!

Because of this it led me down a path to learn, research and try different nootropics for a mental edge. What are nootropics you might ask? Nootropics are simply substances that enhances learning, cognition, memory and brain health or performance as a whole. There are nootropics that are synthetic, such as drugs, I don’t touch those personally. I did however experiment with a lot of nootropic supplements, adaptogens and nutritional formulas made for brain health and along the way did learn what works and what doesn’t! That’s what I’ll be sharing with you in today’s article.

As we age in order to keep our brains youthful we have to support our brain through nutrition, adaptogens and different compounds. Different parts of the brain handle different processes. The left hemisphere handles more logical parts of our brain processing while the right hemisphere handles more creative aspects of the mind. The prefrontal cortex handles more of the daily cognitive processing that we need such as thoughts, speech, memory and more.

The brain needs plenty of nutrients to continuously operating in a healthy and productive manner. The more nutritional support our brain has the better it operates as a whole. I noticed when I became too forgetful and my brain wasn’t working as quickly processing things or putting sentences together that I needed more nutritional support.

This lead me to a series of experiments with many differnt nootropic brands, and today I’ll be sharing my results with you.

The Best Nutrients For Sharpening Your Brain

I’ve experiemnted with many various brands and products over the last 5 years or so and I’ve refined the list that I share with my health coaching clients into this article today. I’m hoping that this helps you make the clearest decisions to find what’s best for you. Below are some of the nutrients, adaptogens and formulas that i’ve tried and tested along with my results using them. I’ve noticed some enhance memory better (such as qualia mind) while others enhance clarity of thought (like trubrain ketones) while others just give me more mental energy. Each experience below is shared in it’s individuality.

Qualia Mind:

The company Neurohacker collective is the producer of Qualia supplements. They are deeply invested in the mind and brain health as a whole. Their ‘Qualia Mind’ formula I began taking to test and noticed that my memory, cognitive speed and coherence improved substantially while on Qualia Mind. In fact, it was so evident that this nootropic was sharpenign my brain because things I had prior forgotten I began to remember again. In fact, I had such a transformative experience with this product I put a review on youtube that you can watch below. This formula is comprised of l-theanine, DHA, theobromine, rhodiola, bacopa, ginkgo biloba, artichoke, mucuna, which contains the very important L-Dopa, a precursor to dopamine (your motivation hormone) production. This formula also includes a wide variety of B-vitamins, vitamin C as well as vitamin D3 for brain health.

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I have tried both the caffeinated version and the non-caffeinated version of Qualia Mind. I feel the caffeinated version more and only do about half of the dosage recommended on the bottle. I found this product to benefit my memory and recall drastically. I also found my work to be more productive on this. One of the things I really love about the Neurohacker collective project and Qualia supplements that they produce is that they test each new product formulation on 100 people. If their product doesn’t achieve 80% efficacy, they keep innovating until 8/10 (or more) people feel results with it. This must be why their Qualia Mind and Qualia Sleep formulas work so well! Click here to visit the Neurohacker collective and use the code healthywildandfree for 10% off your order.

Neuro Effect:

Mushrooms are incredibly beneficial for brain health. In fact, if you cut a mushroom open you will see that it looks like our brain. Mushrooms support health of the nervous system as well as the brain as a whole. Most mushroom supplements contain the mycelial mass which is the least medicinal (and cheapest) part of the mushroom. It’s the stem, not the mushroom itself. Neuro effect is an organic supplement that contains 8 incredible organic mushrooms (the fruiting body, the best part) blended in a capsule with no fillers. It contains Chaga, the king of mushrooms, Reishi, the queen of mushrooms, cordyceps which supports lung health, lion’s mane which supports dendrite growth in the brain, turkey tail, shiitake, maitake and tremella mushrooms. Click here to visit Paleovalley get Neuroeffect for 15% off it’s regular price.

Take a look at these incredible mushrooms and their benefits here:

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Trubrain Ketones & Nootropics

Trubrain is a nootropic company that specializes in nootropics for cognitive health and performance. Their drink packs are delicious but I don’t notice as big of a difference from their drink packs as I do with their straight ketone ester powder. What are ketones? Ketones are an alternative source of fuel that are produced by the liver. They help to burn fat, improve mitochondrial function and give you a strong mental edge. Ketones also benefit the brain, heart and muscles. Ketones are an alternative source of fuel beyond fat, protein and carbs. They work very well. I notice that I have a lot of mental clarity using trubrain ketones. I feel a very clean, pure, calm sense of energy and clarity when I add these ketones into my routine. You can visit by clicking here. Watch the review below:

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Take a look at NFL Star Rob Gronkowski and hear what he has to say about Trubrain here:

HealthyCell Focus+Recall

This formula is definitely the most delicious nootropic formula by far. It’s nice because it’s a gel pack that is a blend of different vitamins, minerals and adaptogens for supporting focus and recall. The base of it is really like a fruit puree, flavored peach. It has curcumin, a great anti-inflammatory aid for the brain, omega fats, b-vitamins, different amino acids, a litle bit of caffeine, ginsing and more. I have found this to be beneficial for supporting bloodflow to the brain which is very important as blood delivers all nutreints to the brain anyway. A formula that reduces inflammation with curcumin (from turmeric) as well as omega fats helps to ease and calm the mind then show up with a variety of vitamins, minerals and adaptogens that feed brain health. Its’ a smart approach and I find it works well for me and simply tastes amazing, like a treat! You can visit by clicking here and this link will also give you 20% off your first purchase!

If Your Brain is Experiencing:

Memory Challenges:

I recommend Qualia mind (caffeine version) as my #1 product here. I noticed my memory improve and increase substantially from this more than anything else. The memory centers of the brain clearly respond well to Qualia Mind. The #2 product that I recommend for memory related issues is HealthyCell Focus+Recall. This is formulated to reduce inflammation in the brain as well as to improve blood flow and function overall.

Lack Of Mental Clarity:

I recommend Trubrain Ketones as my #1 product here. Trubrain ketones will keep your mind in a state of clarity and coherence better than anything else. I personally experience a nice burst of cognitive clarity and energy using ketones but it’s a very smooth and clean form of energy unlike caffeine.

Lack Of Focus:

My top recommendation for focus is Neuro Effect. I actually take Qualaia Mind and Neuro Effect together some days (like today) to enhance my mental edge, focus and clarity all together. I noticed that neuro effect really gave me a edge when it came to focus and dialing in. I also pair it with Qualia mind often for best results.

Overall each of these products have their own benefit. Some work better than others in specific areas of the brain while others work better in other ways. If there was one piece of advice in the world of nootropics that I could give it’s to avoid any synthetic compounds and formulas. These may have an immediate effect on the brain but are depleting your body and brain long-term. Go with natural solutions like nutrients, adaptogens and mushrooms. These will take care of your brain health both in the short, and in the long run!

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