5 Harmful Effects Of Radiation And What To Do About It

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We live in a world absolutely full of “smart devices” causing everything to be connected in one way or another. Connected to wifi, 5G, location and Bluetooth services. All of these forms of electronic communication emit radiation in one way or another. There’s a debate whether or not all radiation is damaging to human biology. I don’t believe that it’s all damaging, but the levels we are exposed to is the issue more than anything based on my research.

We are exposed to radiation naturally in our environment, it’s simply far less than being bombarded like we are now. Radiation can be broken down into two types. Ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is said to be damaging while non-ionizing radiation (also known as EMF’s or electromagnetic frequencies) are said “not” to be damaging. That’s the official story at least.

Radiation harms the body in multiple ways by creating an environment where biological function is tampered with. It has multiple effects on the body that have backed by science and research. No hokey pokey. I actually can tell myself when I am personally effected by too much radiation/EMF exposure. I’ve worked on the computer for over 13 years now and have had my fair share of EMF exposure being connected to wifi all those years. I also used to work for the electrical company as a meter reader. I’d walk around with a handheld wireless electronic device and walk up to electrical meters and towers and read those all day.

I have had multiple times in my life where I have recognized too much exposure to EMF’s/radiation and needed to step away and take a break. I believe based on my own personal experience, but the research shows this is true.

I remember one time I was reading meters I had to read a cell phone tower meter. As I approached the tower I had to circle it a few times to find the meter, eventually I found it and read it and by that point (only a few minutes standing under the cell phone tower) I had a headache. I remember walking away and thinking to myself ‘this is weird’ why did I get a headache when in the proximity of the cell phone tower? At the time I didn’t know the threats of EMF’s and radiation. This was about 15 years ago. There are multiple harmful effects of EMF’s and radiation, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of radiation and EMF exposure.

5 Damaging Effects Of EMF’s & Radiation

  1. Headaches:

    Tension is created within the body with radiation exposure. Positive ions bunch up and can hinder blood flow and the health of the nervous system, signaling the brain that there’s a problem and that it’s under a state of stress. If you have often headaches it could simply be due to the fact that there is too much radiation in your environment. It could also be because you’re dehydrated, which is the #1 cause of headaches so keep that in mind too.

  2. Heart Function:

    The heart runs on a rhythmic pattern. The nervous system does too. This electrical system of our body is confused by electrical signals outside of our body. This creates interference and can cause an irregular heart rate, a rapid heart beat, or a stressed nervous system as a whole. Feeling wired all the time could simply be your body holding electromagnetic stress that are frazzling the nervous system.

  3. Exhaustion & Fatigue:

    Fatigue and exhaustion are directly related to too much radiation and EMF exposure. These devices emit what are known as positive ions. Positive ions bunch up and quite literally travel through the air landing on our body and inhaled by our lungs. Positive ions are a byproduct emitted by radiation emitting devices. Nature and specifically moving water in nature contains the highest source of negative ions. Think a river, a waterfall or the ocean. No wonder we feel so relaxed yet energized in nature surrounded by moving water. But the exhaustion and fatigue feels quite depleting around computers, phones and cell phones all day.

  4. Thyroid Health:

    We know that thyroid health and function are effected by radiation exposure. In fact, with cancer patients who receive radiation it is common for the thyroid to dysfunction as a whole. Nodules can form on the thyroid and key hormones produced by the thyroid can be hindered as well. The thyroid has many roles in the body and is very important for regulating body temperature as a whole. Recommended reading:

    These 3 Herbs Help To Fix Your Thyroid And Regulate Body Temperature, Weight & More

  5. Brain Cancer:

    Having a face and head exposed to radiating devices simply are not smart. In fact, teenage girls will text or message friends before sleep and then put their cell phone under their pillow and go to sleep. Turned on and everything! We have seen a rise in teenage brain cancer rates and this is a habit that needs to stop. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do for the health of your brain.

    Protecting the brain and heart from radiation emitting devices is smart because these are very electrically and magnetically sensitive parts of the body. The brain and heart have measurable electrical and magnetic signals larger than any other areas of the body.

6 Ways To Protect From Radiation & EMF’s

  1. Get Lambs Clothing:

    Get lambs clothing is my #1 external recommendation for protecting against EMF’s and radiation. They carry faraday threaded clothing that is made to repel radiation and EMF’s. Faraday is lined with silver in a pattern that has been proven to protect from radiation. It’s engineered in a way to repel radiation away from the body. They have boxers, t-shirts and beanie hats. I recommend all three of these as they cover your sexual organs, your gut, heart and brain. Visit their website here: GetLambs.com

  2. Go Dark Faraday Bags:

    Faraday technology is the most valuable technology to protect against radiation. Go Dark Faraday bags are pouches that you put your phone in to prevent them from emitting that radiation. The problem is you have to wrap your phone in the case and close it and the phone does not work in the bag. This means you cannot use it whatsoever. It’s a ‘go dark’ bag that allows you to ‘go dark’ and not use your cell phone. I put my cell phone in this bag while i’m sleeping. You can also just shut your phone down. I see the get lambs clothing as more valuable because it’s ongoing against all threats whereas this go dark pouch is simply against your one cell phone and cannot be used while in the bag. You can visit Go dark bags by clicking here. 

  3. Safe Sleeve Cell Phone Cases:

    I’ve had a safe sleeve cell phone case on my phone for years. What I love about this case is that the front flap repels radiation away from your body. You close the front flap on your phone while talking on it and it repels radiation away from your body with a military grade material. The case does not benefit you with texting however. If you’re on phone calls often for work or with your family this is a great solution. It’s also simply a cell phone case and they have the best cell phone accessories overall. They also have tablet and laptop covers as well. Visit Safe Sleeve by clicking here and watch the review video below:

Click here to visit Safe Sleeve website for cell phone, tablet and computer cases for radiation protection.

4. Get A Negative Ion Generator:

Positive ions are produced by radiation emitting devices as a byproduct. They sit on our body and are inhaled by our lungs. The more positive ions our body encounters the more stress and tension we have. Positive ions CREATE inflammation while negative ions reduce inflammation and create relaxation, ease and a better environment for breathing. Nature is the richest source of negative ions, so go for a hike and get in nature. Moving water has the most negative ions so you can immerse yourself in moving water to soak up a bunch of negative ions! I like the Thera03 from a company called therasage. This device has two buttons on it, one that says ozone and one that says ion. The ion setting produces negative ions and blows them in your environment. You can get this wireless device and aim it towards you while working on your computer or on your cell phone. The best part? This device is cheap and has the ozone option for purifying the air and the ion option for giving you more negative ions to combat radiation! Click here to visit their website at Therasage.com and use the discount code breathhacker for 5% off your order.

Click here to visit Therasage.com and use the discount code breathhacker to get 5% off your order!

5. Get More Antioxidants in Your Diet:

Internally antioxidants are one of the most beneficial things you can do to combat radiation and EMF damage. Why? One outside protection device (that may or may not work, the market is littered with products that don’t) may protect you from that device but radiation & EMF’s come from every direction now. All “smart devices” such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, speakers, anything that’s bluetooth, wifi, location enabled is emitting an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that is confusing your nervous system and aging your body, wearing you out and tiring you down.

Radiation causes oxidative stress and free radical damage. Antioxidants are the nutritional category of internal support for combating oxidative damage by the body. Radiation causes oxidative stress leading to the radiolysis of water as well as ROS (reactive oxygen species) in our body. This is essentially unstable oxygen molecules in the body. This is why supporting the oxygen pathways and antioxidant response of the body are so important from the inside out. This is why I use radiate 21. Radiate 21 is a powerful supplement that kills pathogens, reduces the oxidative and free radical damage caused by EMF/radiation and supports the gut and lymphatic system. It contains 4 of the top 10 highest rated ORAC antioxidants in the world which directly counteract the damaging effects of radiation. ORAC stands for ‘oxygen radical absorbance capacity’ which means that these specific class of antioxidants EAT UP the free radicals and positive ions that would otherwise lead to oxidative stress and damage. Oxidative damage leads to inflammation, cell breakdown, DNA breakdown, accelerated aging, lowered energy levels, comprimised gut, heart, lung and brain health and so much more. This is why ORAC antioxidants are your best friend in protecting from EMF’s & Radiation exposure.

Click here to visit Radiate21.com to learn more. Use the discount code radiate10 to get 10% off the supplement. This video explains the importance of ORAC antioxidants in the process..


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6. Hydrate Smarter & Better:

Hydration is important with radiation exposure because water is h20. Hydrogen and oxygen are crucial molecules to combat the effects of radiation in the body. Click here to read the best type of water to drink. I personally recommend getting a water filter from Omica Organics for below or above your sink because these filters contain filtration properties that remove heavy metals as well as radioactive particles from the body. Omica’s 12-Stage Water Filter & Activation System is uniquely designed to further reduce Radioactive Particles with a unique combination of Zeolite, Shungite and Specially Activated Coconut Carbon. Third-party lab tests on Omica’s 12~Stage Water Filtration System confirm the removal of 99.9% of Gross Alpha and Gross Beta radiation. In other words this water removes any radioactive particles or metals that could create your body to be more sensitive to radiation. The more heavy metals you have in your body the more sensitive your body will be to radiation because it’s magnetically charged to hold onto this radiation within the body. You want to chelate heavy metals out of your body by taking activated charcoal (click here to get 10% off activated charcoal) and chlorophyll.

Click here to visit Omica Organics water filtration products. Use the discount code: VFDF7M for a discount on your order!

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