7 Ways You’re Reducing Your Breast Size Without Knowing It

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Breasts develop naturally in life and there are different factors that occur in the development of breasts that make them larger or smaller. There are both natural, safe and effective ways to shrink or enlarge breast size through diet, nutrients, adaptogens and exercise routines. Today we’ll be discussing the key seven ways that you may be reducing your breast size without even knowing it.

This can be beneficial, if your breasts are larger than you’d like. Large breasts can cause neck pain, back pain, and generally be uncomfortable and a nuisance.

There are many different factors that influence breast size such as pregnancy, obesity, medication and genetics. Other factors that are less known are hormonally changing foods, drugs or disruptors of the endocrine system. These can be shrinking or enlarging your breast size without you even knowing.

The good news is, if you’re truly looking to decrease your breast size you can avoid dangerous and costly surgeries and just follow the tips in this article. On the other side of that coin, if you have smaller breasts than you’d like you can ensure that you’re not doing things that continue to shrink your breasts.

How To Decrease Breast Size Naturally:

  1. Clothing Matters: Your clothing actually plays a role in breast size, believe it or not. Tight clothes around the breasts constrict blood flow and don’t allow breast tissue to grow as healthy and large. However, restricting blood flow is also not good for your lymphatic and immune system and can be a risk in the development or growth of breast cancer cells. If you do wear tighter clothes, the best thing you can do is massage your breasts regularly, or have your partner massage your breasts regularly to ensure the blood flow and lymphatic fluid move in this area of the body.
  2. Breast Masks:Breast masks are a great way to tighten up and reduce breast size, along with sagging, wrinkles and signs of aging. Masks can come in the form of clays from all over the world. Any clay that has a tightening effect is going to be beneficial. The Moor Mud Mask from Schizandu naturals (click here to visit) makes a great mask not only for the face but to act as a breast mask. This Hungarian sourced mud is incredibly tightening and firming. This mud also helps to reduce cellulite and other signs of aging with no artificial additives.

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  3. Eat More Flax Seeds:Flax seeds are great for reducing breast size because they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids regulate hormones, which is crucial in breast size but also support heart health, brain health and more. The nice thing about Omega 3 rich foods (salmon & tuna included) is that these foods help to balance estrogen levels with their Omega 3 rich make up. This ultimately helps to reduce or shrink breast size as a whole. You can consume flax seed milk, or take flax seeds and add them to your smoothie or dishes in the kitchen. Get more flax today!
  4. Consume Green Tea: Green tea is a naturally occurring source of caffeine and a strong metabolism booster. This tea is rich in antioxidants that support the digestive and metabolic systems of the body. This tea helps to boost your energy as well as to reduce breast size as a whole.
  5. Eat More Ginger: Ginger is another strong fat burner. This helps to optimize the digestive system and fire up the metabolism. You can add ginger to your dishes and this is a great way to get it in your diet, however, it can be best utilized to boost energy levels as well as to decrease breast size. If you’d like to see the best results from ginger drink ginger tea two or three times daily.
  6. Balance Your Diet: Your diet as a whole plays a large role in breast size as a whole. There are certain foods that increase estrogen in the body and there are certain foods that decrease estrogen levels in the body. Understanding which foods boost or decrease estrogen is an important concept to understand. Generally speaking, your overall body fat percentage has a large effect on your breast size as your breast are mostly fatty tissue. If you’d like to decrease your breast size, decreasing fat in the body is beneficial to support this.Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean meats is the best way to support a healthy fat metabolism within your body and this will be conducive to your body burning more fat and to reduce breast size as a whole.
  7. Burn Fat With Movement & Exercise:Exercise plays more of an important role in breast size than one would think. Consistent exercise can burn fat and strengthen muscles underneath the breasts to shrink them naturally. The idea here is to burn more calories and keep your metabolic system actively burning fat. The breasts are full of fatty tissue so continuing to keep our body in a fat burning state is helpful in continuously toning and decreasing breast size.It’s important to mix aerobic exercise with strength training exercises. Aerobic exercises decrease breast size by burning fat and strength training exercises specifically targeting the chest will tone this area of the body. The idea here is to actively engage these muscles but not to build massive muscles and strength, but instead do body weight exercises that create muscle contractions and toning as opposed to building more muscle tissue.Recommended: Moor Mud Mask For Breast Masks (Can Be Used On The Face Too) – Click Here

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