After A Twin Miscarriage This Couple Gives Birth To Quintuplets (5 Babies!)

Infertility is a growing challenge with couples trying to get pregnant in the US. We can all relate to friends, family members or maybe even ourselves with the struggle of wanting to have children but feeling like our biology is fighting against us. Today’s story is about a couple who had just that.

It started with fertility challenges and then when they were pregnant with twins it ended up being a miscarriage which was very disappointing to the couple. Followed by other miscarriages. Chad and Amy Kempel were finally able to have two healthy children. As happy as they were, they wanted a few more kids. Eventually, Amy was pregnant again and this time with more children than they imagined. 5, at one time. That’s right. Quintuplets.

Chad Kempel describes it “When you go to the first ultrasound and they just looked. It looked like the sky in 4th of July. Just all these little flickering heartbeats all over the place.”

He adds: “In that moment there when the ultrasound shows up on the screen. Every couple should be happy about that moment. Not have their heads go exactly where our heads went. Which was like, oh no, this isn’t gonna end well.”

Amy shares: “I was just really scared. Then when they said I think there’s another heartbeat I burst into tears. I was just sure that we were having another funeral.”

Despite the odds, Amy carried her 5 babies to 27 weeks. At which point the doctors needed to intervene for medical reasons. The quintuplets were delivered by C-section 3 months early. They spent 73 days in the NICU until they were ready to go home.

Chad adds “We basically looked at eachother and said we don’t own this house anymore. We gave it all up to the kids. We got rid of our furniture. This is a baby room right now. We basically had to accept that this isn’t our house anymore. This is the kids house.”

He continues “We’re changing 5 diapers every hour at a minimum.”

Chad came up with 7 creative hacks for parents with a lot of babies to make their lives easier, and to streamline the parenting work to hopefully make things a bit simpler and more manageable.

He created a new prop feeding system and even built a table with high chairs built right into it! He also retrofitted their van and added a changing table in the van for ease of use. Chad now shares his inventions on his youtube table and calls them “Quint Hacks.”

Chad shares “It’s awesome. I was terrified of having all of these kids but having them here, healthy and happy now. It’s amazing.”

If you have a lot of children another option is to rent equipment from to save money. This video explains:

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