What Does $1 Street Food Get You Around The World?

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If you’re well traveled you know that street food can be some of the best tasting food out there. Some guy on a street corner cooking kabobs on a grill, or some other fantastic street food can be jaw dropping and delicious, and all for a fairly cheap price as well. Today we’re going to highlight what $1 gets you in street food all around the world from New York City to

New York City: A hot dog in a bun. The standard American Diet (S.A.D) Nothing too special, nor healthy. But you get what you pay for. It’s good to know how low the bar is to also know how high the bar is for $1 of street food, in other countries!

Tokyo, Japan: A Taiyaki! This is a warm fish-shaped breaded cake with red bean filling! Yum! This was 182 yen, $1.62.

Mexico City, Mexico: Guajolota! This is a delicious tomale sandwiched between two pieces of bread. This is only .62 cents!

Shanghai, China: Pan friend pork buns. Pork filled buns that are pan fried on the bottom. Just .88 cents.

Madrid, Spain: Porra! Fried dough. $1.16

Mumbai, India: Pav Bhaji is a vegetable blend served with buttered buns.

Watch the video here to see the food in action: 

Everything in here looked appealing to me except for the hot dog in NYC. I’m from the US, so it’s no longer appealing to me at all unless it’s an organic, grass feed beef frank! I’m sure this one in NYC wasn’t. The rest of the street food on the list was very unique in its own way.

The street food on this list that I’d like to try most is the dish from India. That looked amazing. Vegetables with buttery bread sounds heavenly. Which dish would you like to try most?


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