British Guard Reveals Shocking Secrets About Their Job We Haven’t Heard Yet

Royalty is a strange concept to me. I know there are Royal families from all over the world, Britain being the most notable and publicized royal family by far. It’s strange to think that there’s ‘royalty’ and ‘not royalty’ in the world still, in 2022. We’re fare past the years of the knights templar and the holy wars. It seems like in a world where we realize that all people are equal it seems odd to put a family or group of families from all over the world on a pedestal because they’re part of the ‘royal family.’

We live in a world where all lives are equal regardless of race, religion, income, economic or medical status. In my world at least. I hope most people feel the same. I believe that they do. One strange thing about the British Royal family is the guards. The guards are always seen in this stiff, stoic and quiet state. There have been many rumors about the guards and Royal family.

Here are some myths about British Guards most do not know:

  1. Myth 1: They’re not allowed to move. They are actually allowed to move. They just don’t much!
  2. Myth 2: They are not real soldiers. They actually are.
  3. Myth 3: They are not allowed to talk. They are!

A British guardsman explains, “If these myths were true we would not be able to carry our job out as guardsman.”

Secrets About The Guards: 

#1: When the queen is in residence the guards are doubled up to 4 guards out on the stag instead of two guards.

#2: There is slang terms used by the British guardsmen that no one else knows such as “Buckshee” which means that you just got something for free. “Gippin” is another term that means something is really horribly hard and difficult. “Gash” means something that was picked up from the ground.

#3: No one can touch the guards or threaten them. They also have the “Right” according to British law apparently to know anyone over who is in the way if they do not move. I’d really like to see a video of a Sumo wrestler in their way and see how that turns out now.

#4: If a British guard faints while wearing his heavy coat and hat in the heat he must faint in what’s called a “Faint to attention” which simply means they must keep their same pose and posture while they faint. I’m not making this up. This is a real thing.

#5: The Queens guards are not allowed to leave their position regardless of everything. They cannot leave to even go to the bathroom. They literally have to piss on themselves. As they say in Britian “What a load of bollocks!”

#6: They must maintain their composure at all times. They walk for 10 minutes to the end of their post and then hold the same posture. They cannot wipe the sweat off their brow, scratch an itch, or once again even go to the bathroom. What a stiff job!

#7: The Queens guards wear red jackets in the spring and summer and grey jackets in the fall and winter time.

#8: The guards are not allowed to smile. A smile is punished by about a weeks pay which is on average $260.

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