The Key Mistakes That Led To Ravaging Fires in Maui and Now 2,400 Children Are Missing – Who’s To Blame For An Error This Big?


After Maui experienced the deadliest wildfire in the history of the United States, many facts are surfacing that really don’t add up, and people are starting to ask a lot of questions. The problem is, these questions aren’t being answered. In fact, they are being ignored, ridiculed, and even dismissed as “fake news”, even though this information continues to be confirmed by local officials and those who don’t seem to be a part of this possibly heinous… what seems to be… an agenda.

First red flag, our President, Joe Biden, has refused to comment on the fires, or rising death toll in Maui.

Hawaiian government officials wasted no time blaming “Climate Change” as the culprit, even though it was stated numerous times that they weren’t sure what caused this, and that there has never been such devastation from a wildfire in US history. Especially considering the fires somehow melted steel, but left cabana umbrellas, small trees, and the homes of top celebrities untouched.


Ironically, just this past January, the World Economic Forum was a meeting held in Maui about turning the island into the first ever 15 minute city by 2025. And now it seems as though much of the devastated land has been turned over to government hands due to “contamination” and other reasonings.

However, with the mainstream media working together to fully discredit any “conspiracy theories” surrounding the Maui fires, using familiar terms such as “baseless conspiracy theory” and “misinformation”. You can be sure (and you better be sure, because asking any questions will get you flagged by Fact Checkers) that there is absolutely nothing fishy going on here.

Interesting though, that the mainstream media decided to use the same terminology to tell you about Hunter’s laptop, Epstein’s Island, and the actual facts surrounding the Chinese lab leak, which were all labeled as “conspiracy theories” when these stories first surfaced. You can be sure that everything they are discrediting is definitely baseless information.

Lets Take A Look At Some Of The Facts Surrounding The Maui Wildfires

  • The Fire Hydrants Ran Dry – According to the Honolulu Civil Beat, Landowners have been fighting for rights to water for decades. The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) delayed releasing the water during the ravaging fires, leading to fire damage and loss off many innocent lives (to which they still dont have a definite number of).

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  • Fire Marshalls Out Of Town – The fire chief and top emergency management official were not present during the fire’s outbreak. No comment has been made on where they were during the fires. Many local officials claimed they we’re surprised by the damage of the fire, yet local experts in wildfire management had been warning about this for years. And also specified just days before the storm hit that it seemed things were going to get ugly. 
    • The head of the Maui Emergency Management Agency has resigned due to “health reasons”. This is after facing much criticism for not activating disaster sirens during last week’s deadly wildfires that killed at least 111 people. Most recently, 850 people still missing.
  • Mayor and Governor Out Of Town – Reason/Location not given.
  • Mayor and Governor keeping the Island of Maui open to tourists through the search and rescue efforts of West Maui after the fires.
  • Despite cheaper rooms being available for rent at the Days Inn, FEMA Agents confirm staying at 5 star luxury beach front resorts while in Maui. Some of these resorts have rooms that cost upwards of $4500 a night. These are the people who are supposed to be digging through ashes and delivering aid to victims.
  • Head of FEMA Deanne Criswell claims they need more money. “We will delay some of our recovery projects until the next fiscall year” with a $25 Billion budget.
  • Biden giving Maui victims $700 to “help rebuild what was lost”.
  • Maui Police Chief John Pellatier also serves as the coroner. He was also the Police Chief and coroner during the infamous Las Vegas shootings, that still remain in question to this day. Pellatier has had numerous complaints filed against him for allegations of a hostile work environment and discrimination, but continues to receive praises and raises by those above him.
  • With nearly 500 FEMA personel, 270 Red Cross workers, 400 Hawaiian National Guard Members, and 200 US Army Reservists, you’d think they would known at least how many children are missing.
  • According to reputable sources, many many children were sent home from school that day, and are still missing. As in no remains have been found either. And there seems to be little to no outcry of “where is this person, where is that person”. Some believe that means that entire families are unfortunately gone.
  • The 4 schools in Lahaina previously served over 3,000 students. Only 400 have been enrolled in other schools, and 200 are doing virtual learning. Where are the other 2400 children?

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This Was Written By A Maui Local Born and Raised There. He Currently Lives in Lahania and Knows Some of These Officials Personally.

“First let me start off by saying Lahaina is a desert climate and has been since plantation owners rerouted the water source to other parts of the island. Lahaina used to be a lush landscape.

The infrastructure has largely remained the same since its inception. This means a cluttered nest of wires and rotting buildings. We have fires every year due to fallen electric lines. This isn’t something new.

In my opinion, this disaster could’ve been completely prevented had they spent the money to upgrade to in-ground electric lines. Many have asked over the years but were told there was no funds to do it. It’s a lot easier to secure funding after a disaster.

At the very least, HECO (the electric company) could’ve cut the power a lot sooner. HECO CEO Shelee Kimora claimed it could’ve affected specialized medical equipment. This is crazy considering you can’t use medical equipment if it’s incinerated by a fire. Just another excuse to avoid accountability.

The state of the art “all hazard” sirens never went off. Herman Andaya (Maui EMA director) who was in charge of making the decision to turn on the sirens said he didn’t regret it. The next day he resigned due to “health issues”. No cell service and no loudspeaker either. There was no warning of any sort.

People were in their houses and completely unaware until it the fire was close. There was a fire earlier and the Maui Fire Department said it was “100% contained”.

The police allowed incoming traffic into the town coming from Kaanapali but closed the road off on the other side due to a downed line that wasn’t even blocking the road. This caused a gridlock. Residents’ water was turned off with no way to protect their houses.

Firefighters ran out of water and were denied access by Kaleo Manuel (DLNR’s deputy director for water resource management) until it was too late. This unnecessarily put firefighters at even greater risk. I am especially embarrassed with leadership treating locals like criminals.

They immediately enacted a roadblock (they could’ve just closed the fire zone) and implemented a military-enforced curfew 10pm – 6pm. There has also been a near-total media block in the fire zone. This is unconstitutional!

Many residents believe they have been soft selling the body count and knew they were hundreds of bodies that they collected the first day. Most of which are likely to be children who stayed home, without any cell service or power.

Rumors of them filling containers with bodies and stacking them up in non refrigerated buildings. I suspect they’re trying to keep numbers down until the news cycle is over.

Despite not providing aid themselves, they have made it incredibly hard for residents to help by blocking the wharf and turning away boats with local aid, they blocked the roads, FEMA has been confiscating pallets of aid claiming it’s not fema approved items and they are not trained to distribute them.

Maui’s Mayor Bissen has acted like a bully throughout this entire mess. Just recently he threw a fit and tried to close down the press conference after a reporter asked “how many children are missing?” The people need transparency and accountability and independent reporters who won’t be bullied!”

In the wake of the devastating wildfires in Hawaii and the alarming news of 1,000 missing children, it is clear that a series of key mistakes have led to this crisis. The unprecedented scale of the fires and the surprise it caught local leaders and authorities highlight the need for better preparedness and response mechanisms. Transparency in addressing these mistakes is essential for rebuilding trust within the community.

Furthermore, this situation calls for a united effort, with the United States government providing the necessary support that is currently lacking. Swift action and resources are needed to manage the aftermath of the fires and locate the missing children. The urgency of the situation demands a coordinated response to bring relief to the affected families.

Crucially, amidst this crisis, questions must be answered about the whereabouts of the missing children. Accountability and clarity are of the utmost importance in this distressing situation. The community deserves answers, and the government must take steps to address the uncertainties surrounding these missing children.

In moving forward, a combined effort from local authorities, the federal government, and concerned citizens is required to rectify the mistakes that led to these tragic events. Transparency, support, and answers are the foundation upon which hope and recovery can be built for the people of Hawaii.


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