These Ordinary People Cracked The Code On How To Make Thousands Of Dollars A Week In Extra Income, Doing This With Zero Experience & Little To No Start Up Costs – 5 Success Stories & Their Secrets

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In today’s economy, we all dream of supplementing our income with a lucrative side hustle. But so many business ideas require specialized skills, big investments, or more time than we have. That’s why the stories below are so inspirational. They showcase ordinary people who cracked the code on a simple, accessible way to start making thousands per week, often with no prior experience.

The startup costs are minimal too. You likely already have everything you need to get started. Read on to discover what these ordinary people stumbled upon that allows them to earn big money every week. Their stories prove that with some hard work, nearly anyone can take advantage of this method.

So what is this mystery income source putting thousands into regular people’s pockets every week? Brace yourself, because the answer may surprise you. It’s writing and self-publishing e-books! Yes, by turning their knowledge or research into an e-book and selling it online, ordinary folks are building five-figure monthly incomes.

Intrigued? Keep reading for the inspiring stories of 5 normal people who cracked the e-book code to make thousands without needing special skills or qualifications.

Simon Hoiberg is software developer and start-up CEO of his own company. He began recording himself and sharing information as a Youtube Personality. He decided to start writing E-books as a means to share the information as well and made around $7500 his first week and continues to make just under $3000 a month on just 1 E-book.

He uses his channel to discuss the dos and don’t that he’s learned over the years on what works and what doesn’t on making money with E-books.

Simon discusses how he made this success.

  • Creating the E-book
    • 16 hours writing the E-Book
    • $47 on the E-Book Cover (optional)
    • $52 to have the book proofread for grammar mistakes and typos.
      (English is not Simon’s native language)
  • Marketing
    • $182 on Influencer Marketing
    • $250 on paid ads
  • Website + Checkout

Simon spent a total of 40 hours creating and marketing this E-Book. Learn more about the easy steps he took to write and publish his profitable E-Book.

Joe Walsh built a E-book brand worth over $930,000 today, and he did it all using A.I Technology. Joe recommends finding a niche to market to, and getting affiliated with AI Technology such as Chat GBT. Since 2019, Joe has made $319,000 profit. It’s worth mentioning he graduated high school in 2019. He states to study competitors books, and just learn as you go. Learn more in the video below.

Aurelis Tjin Explains his step-by-step process to create, promote and sell it successfully online. He also has a bunch of great videos on creating content from your own book covers, to website design.

As the inspiring stories in this article demonstrate, ordinary people from all backgrounds are making thousands per week writing and selling e-books online. This lucrative opportunity is accessible to almost anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

Software developer and YouTube personality Simon Hoiberg shares how he cracked the e-book code and earned around $7,500 in his first week selling an e-book. Simon spent just $281 creating the book and another $432 marketing it. In total, it only took him 40 hours of work to start earning over $3,000 per month from that one e-book.

Simon credits his success to carefully choosing a niche, writing comprehensive yet digestible content, and promoting to his target audience. He suggests utilizing your existing skills and interests to determine an e-book topic you can create quickly. Affordable services like pre-made covers and proofreading keep startup costs low.

To create his money-making e-book, Simon invested 16 hours in writing the content based on his software development expertise. He spent $47 on a professional e-book cover and $52 for proofreading since English is not his native language. This brought his total creation costs to $281.

For marketing, Simon spent $182 on influencer promotions and $250 on paid ads, bringing total marketing costs to $432. He also set up a website with integrated checkout to sell the e-book. In just 40 total hours and $713 in startup costs, Simon had a profitable e-book that now earns him over $3,000 per month.

Other ordinary people like Joe Walsh have built impressive e-book income streams as well, some even leveraging AI technology. Joe used AI tools to help create content and recommend niche topics. Since 2019, he has earned over $319,000 in profit from e-books, despite having just graduated high school that same year. Joe emphasizes researching competitors and continually learning as you grow your e-book business.

Aurelis Tjin is another example, earning a full-time income from his collection of yoga teaching e-books. He recommends planning every step from writing to designing covers and websites to promote. Aurelis shows how leveraging your expertise, like yoga sequencing knowledge, can lead to e-book success.

The examples of Simon, Joe, Aurelis and others demonstrate that with the right strategic approach, anyone can succeed at e-book publishing. If you carefully choose a niche, produce quality content, minimize startup costs, and promote to your target audience, you too could be the next ordinary person to crack the e-book code and start earning thousands per week. Follow the proven tips outlined here and write your own e-book success story!

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