10 At Home Businesses That Will Make More Money in 2024 and Beyond!

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The 2020 virus threw a wrench in many people’s plans, jobs and incomes. Now, it seems that much still has not changed even though in some places we’ve gotten back to normal, other places in the country and world are still a mess. The ultimate freedom from a job is to start an at home business. At home businesses can be challenging especially if you have children or distractions. In 2022 the recession hit people even harder, leaving many of us looking for opportunities to work on our own terms and start fresh, and this time engaging our passions and creativity. Sound familiar?

It takes consistency, discipline and focus to make an at home business work. You won’t have a boss telling you what to do or how to do it. This requires initiative, drive and follow through to completion. In today’s article, we’re going to share 10 ideas that can start as side hustles at home that can grow into an at home business, or a full-time income. First, mindset is huge. The Miracle Money Magnet program may help you reframe and reprogram your beliefs to believe that you deserve a solid income consistently. Click Here to learn more about that! And with that, here are 10+ ideas to start a business from home..

  1. Woodworking: Believe it or not people make $90-$150,000 per year simply woodworking. Creating different wood furnishings and things. If you’ve always admired woodwork and have had a passion to explore this, maybe this is for you. Wood Profits is a guidebook that teaches how to start and grow a woodworking business from scratch. Click here to learn more about starting a woodworking business. If you need thousands of plans for products to create check out Ted’s woodworking guide by clicking here. That will give you plenty of products to build and sell!
  2. Freight Broker: There are millions of good shipped daily and shipping is a massive industry. Freight brokers are individuals that match shipments with drivers and take a percentage as a middle man to get the job done. They take anywhere from 10 to 35% of the profit per shipment to get the deal done. If you’re a deal maker, this is something worth considering. Get Freight Broker training by clicking here. 
  3. Worm Farming: Yep! People need worms. It’s about as easy it gets. It’s a bit of a set it and forget it business that can make as much as $700 extra each month. People use worms for fishing, agriculture and more! Click here to learn more about worm farming.
  4. Become A Life Coach: Life coaching is now a big business and it comes with the satisfaction that you are supporting people to live healthier and happier lives. Maybe you’re the friend in your friends circle that is always encouraging, inspiring and going the extra mile to support your friends. If so, maybe life coaching is the path to profits and fulfillment for you. Dr. Steve G. Jones is a life coach and hypnotherapist and has a great training sharing how to get certified as a life coach, click here to learn more.
  5. Sell on Etsy or Ebay: If you’re a creative individual that has a unique product or art that you make you can sell it on etsy or ebay. Many people make a full-time living selling on etsy, ebay or even amazon!
  6. Knit or Crochet: If you’re handy with your hands you can also learn to knit or crochet and make beautiful products that people want to buy and wear. You can learn more at KnittingForProfit.com by clicking here. 
  7. Deliver People or Food: There are multiple apps that you can download and be your own boss simply by delivering people or food. Uber, Lyft, uber eats, doordash, instacart and shipt are a few apps worth downloading and exploring to make money as a driver in one way or another. This requires leaving the house obviously, but you get to set your own schedule and that is freeing.
  8. Use Your Car To Make Money: You can sign up for Nickelytics.com to put an ad on your car if you choose to deliver food or people and this allows you to make more money with your car on the road in real time. You can also rent your car out entirely using the Turo app.
  9. Build Sheds: Backyard sheds are a big business and if you like to build things and see the fruits of your labor you can specialize in building sheds. People sell their sheds on craigslist, facebook marketplace and get referrals from builders or people within their local real estate community. You can learn more about building sheds to sell for profit by visiting My Shed Plans by clicking here.
  10. Learn To Trade: Many people who are more analytical or mathematically inclined become great traders. There is financial risk here however so you want to start slow and make small trades. Be patient with yourself and be smart. People trade stocks, crypto, forex and more! You can learn more about trading from One popular up and coming tool is Trade Juice which helps utilize algorithms to make trading simpler and easier for you. Click here to visit Trade Juice. 
  11. Bonus! Use social media to make a living. People make from $25-$50 per hour helping companies with their social media. There is no experience required and a quick application will show you if this is a right fit for you. Click here to see that application. You can also sign up for Minds.com and earn free tokens the more you use the site! Which is a real world crypto that can be used and spent, or exchanged for other crypto assets.
  12. Bonus! Dropship products from all over the world. We searched high and low and found a company that compiled a list of over 2.5 MILLION products that you can sell online and drop-ship from the comfort of your own home. Click here to get access to that list! 
  13. Help established companies with their social media by setting up chat bot campaigns for them. This software here (click here to visit) is what you’ll use to set up chat bots for local or online businesses. You can charge $500, $1,000 or even more per month per client to run a chat bot for them that generates more sales and leads for their business. If they already have an established business you can even use a specific code or important piece of information in the chat bot campaign to prove to them it is growing their business over time. Click here to sign up for the chat bot account to begin offering it to clients today! 
  14. Learn Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing you ask, what is that? Affiliate marketing is essentially being paid a commission to sell someone else’s product online. You get a unique tracking link to sell their product and you get an agreed upon percentage for each sale you bring to their business. This is a fun way to make an income especially if you’re passionate about a specific topic. Maybe health, business, investing, or even baking, fashion.. you name it! There are affiliate programs for EVERYTHING! Click here to get trained to earn an income as an affiliate marketer.
  15. Become a certified Ho’oponopono healer. Joe Vitale put together a program to teach people how to become a Ho’oponopono healer. This program teaches forgiveness, love, healing and peace. You can help people in your life heal as a coach to them. Click here to learn how to become a certified healer. 

There are many at home businesses and side hustles that you can start to make an extra income from home in 2022. It’s all up to your creativity and imagination! There are also people who are growing food in a garden and selling it locally through apps like Vinder or Prep To Your door specifically in the Austin Texas area, but can be done anywhere.

Sometimes the thing that holds us back most is our mindset. Here is a software that we found that quite literally programs you with positive beliefs subliminally. If you feel stuck, lost or confused. Try this software out and see if your energy and mindset change to create more abundant and prosperous opportunities in your life.

You can also write from home about your local community and get paid to do so. We’re currently seeking writers for this very position for our publication. If you’re interested shoot me a message on linkedin here.

Hopefully one or two of these ideas give you the inspiration and insight you need to take action and make 2023 the most prosperous year yet! Best of luck.

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