Photographer Captures Incredibly Rare Sight – Frozen Waves at a Lake in Colorado

frozen waves colorado

Winter is typically far from most people’s favorite seasons aside from Christmas, but there are plenty of incredible things out there for the adventurer among us to find.

One of them was uncovered recently by a photographer named Eric Gross from Colorado, who has spent his many years traveling in an attempt to capture unseen gems in North America and beyond.

Recently, the website Bored Panda reached out to him for an interview about one of his most spectacular photographic series yet at Dream Lake in Colorado.

Eric took the trip to the gorgeous natural water feature in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park back in February 2021.

The story of his widely circulating picture album is yet another reminder that sometimes when we take the “road less traveled,” it can make all the difference.

Change of Plans Leads Photographer to “Frozen Wave” Discovery

Gross arrived to Dream Lake early, just before sunset, and saw at least a dozen other photographers wandering around.

It was then that he decided to take a detour, moving to a more secluded part of the lake to get a unique perspective according to the website

It was here that he made the remarkable discovery, which looked like something out of a science fiction movie, or of an alien landscape.

frozen waves colorado

frozen waves 2

With their dark coloring and smooth exterior, they look almost like an entirely new, undiscovered element on the periodic table.

Eric described his capture in the interview with Bored Panda.

“While much of the lake was simply bumpy, one small section near the shore actually had what looked like frozen waves with sharp edges, hard curves, and steep sides. I couldn’t explain what I was seeing, so while trying to imagine how ‘frozen waves’ could occur,

“I started shooting. And shooting, and shooting,” he said.

The phenomenon actually happens fairly often, and there are two main theories as to its formation.

The first is that they are a synergy of water, cold weather, and wind, while the other is that drifting snow melts across the surface of the lake and re-freezes into ice over time.

Gross Returns for Round Two

Following the first expedition, Gross knew he had to spend more time capture the little known but exquisitely beautiful lake phenomenon.

After completing his second photo shoot, Eric’s photos began making headlines soon after posting.

He was far from an expert, but his unique perspective, along with the novelty of the frozen waves, struck a cord with the viewing audience.

It just goes to show that you never know how far your own work, and your own artistic expression, can take you.

“In early 2014, I began doing copywriting work from home. By September, I had saved up enough to roadtrip, while continuing to work, across North America. Before that, I had randomly gotten two basic photography gigs and used the money to buy a basic DSLR camera kit.”

frozen lake colorado

As for the future, Eric says that he now plans to become even more adventurous than ever before in pursuit of unique angles and landscapes.

“As some hype built around these images and the lake itself, it became apparent that an interesting foreground, combined with a beautiful landscape background, is my ultimate prize,” he said.

“My plan now is to put my boots to the ground a lot more often, looking for the most interesting foregrounds, instead of focusing more on dramatic mountain peaks.”

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