10 Insightful Questions You Should Ask Your Parents(Or Grandparents) Before They Die

As our parents and grandparents age, it becomes increasingly important to cherish the time we have left with them and to learn as much as we can about their lives. By taking the time to have these conversations, you can honor your loved ones and gain a greater appreciation for the richness and complexity of their lives.

These people are the reason we’re here. They’re a source of wisdom, love, truth and guidance. Their stories and experiences can offer valuable insights into our family history and provide us with a deeper understanding of our own identities.

They were and still may be pivotal in the direction and guidance in our lives and we owe them the utmost respect and appreciation. Gaining wisdom from them for ourselves as well as our children is one of the most beautiful gifts of life.

In this article, we will discuss ten questions you can ask your parents or grandparents before they pass away. These questions are designed to elicit meaningful and often surprising answers, and can help to create a lasting legacy for your family.

These are questions that you can ask your parents, or you can read and share the answers with your children to spread these ideas further.

questions to ask your parents

10 Questions To Ask Your Parents Before They Die

  1. What was your very first memory? 
    Ask your parents about where they grew up. The community they grew up in. What was it like? What was their first memory? And then follow-up questions after that.
  2. What was your neighborhood like? 
    Find out more about the community they grew up in and the unique stories of the people who came from the same community as them. You’d be surprised to hear some of these stories!
  3. What was your relationship like with your parents?
    It’s always interesting to hear what your parents relationship was like with your grandparents.
  4. What was it like growing up with siblings? Alternatively no siblings… 
    What were your siblings like? Brothers, sisters, older/younger?
  5. What kind of food did you like growing up? What was your favorite meal, treat or snack?
    Food habits have changed over the years and you’d be surprised to hear some of the strange meals and snack mixes that our parents had! IT may inspire a new idea for you or it will sound gross! Either way it’s a fun question.
  6. Who are your role models and why? 
    Who do you role model, appreciate and look up to? and why!?
  7. Who are your favorite celebrities? Films? TV Shows? Songs? 
    This is a fun one. Especially the songs and musicians that you may uncover!
  8. What was the world like when you grew up? What newsworthy events do you remember in particular and why?
    Often times when we hear history we forget that we know people such as our parents that go through these things in their lifetime!
  9. What was the most difficult part of your childhood? 
    Understanding the challenges and struggles that your parents went through will give you more respect and reverence for their character and it’s so beautiful to hear their stories and how they overcame those hardships.
  10. What is your favorite memory from childhood? 
    Hearing the positive news from their childhood is a nice way to hear the joys and unique experiences that your parents had. You may find that something so simple and pure meant so much to them, and maybe in our ripe old age we’ll think the same way!
questions to ask your parents
Four generation family take time together for the mother’s day. In this photo the grandmother talk with her granddaughter in the living room with happiness. Photo was taken in Quebec Canada.

Are there any other questions you’d add to this list to ask your parents before they die? Also, these questions and ideas can be proactively shared with your children to inspire, encourage, uplift and build a deeper connection with them. We build our family relationships deeper when we are genuinely curious and desire to have those bonds strengthened. Questions and curiosity are one way to do so.


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