20 Questions To Ask your Kids (Or Grandkids) For a Good Belly Laugh

There’s no doubt that children can be a great source of humor in our lives. Young kids especially. Their perspective and outlook on the world can bring about joy and laughter from their formative perspective of the world, adults and everyday things that we see as normal. They see it in quite a funny light however. I spent 5 years volunteering in a kindergarten class one day each week and every single week without fail these 5 year old’s had some of the funniest things to say. Comedians with a serious and inquisitive tone!

These questions are great to ask your young children, or if you’re a grandparent to ask your grandchildren. These questions will provide useful and insightful perspectives on how your children or grandchildren think and view the world and surely a few of these questions will give you a good belly laugh. Years later when your children (or grandchild) is grown you can tell them the story about that one time they responded to a question with the most adorable response. Without further ado, here are 20 questions that are sure to bring about a belly laugh for you.

Some of these questions may seem very basic with no humor in them, but what children will say when you ask one question and a follow-up question can be quite comical.

15 Questions To Ask your Children (Or Grandchildren) For A Belly Laugh

  1. How old am I (Adult)?
  2. If our pet could talk, what would they say?
  3. What do you like doing with me?
  4. What is something I say a lot? and why do you think I say it?
  5. What is my job? What do you think about it?
  6. What does it sound like when I or your mom/dad laughs?
  7. What is your favorite restaurant? Favorite food? Why?
  8. What is your favorite color?
  9. What is your favorite song?
  10. Where do you want to go that you haven’t been yet? Why?
  11. Which is the best animal and why?
  12. What do you think makes me sad?
  13. What do you think makes me happy?
  14. How old am I? Mom/Dad?
  15. How old are you and how old will you be one day?
  16. How much time does it take to make dinner?
  17. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen or heard?
  18. Do you like grocery shopping? Why or why not?
  19. Do you like school? Your teacher? Your classmates? Why or why not?
  20. What car are you going to drive when you’re older? Why?

    Some of these questions won’t make you laugh at all, however, some of them will give you a deep belly laugh. Some may give you insight into your child/grandchild’s way of thinking and perspective on adulthood and life. This can be an insightful exercise to ensure that your children or grandchildren have healthy and supportive beliefs as well! Making sure that their mind is working for them instead of against them at a young age is a valuable exercise.

    Be sure to share some of the funniest responses your children or grandchildren shared in the comment section either here or in the facebook comments section!




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