Five Year Old Girl Disappears Every Day — Father Followed Her to This House, And This is What He Saw

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Kids can be easy to watch when they’re entertained and stay in a single place, but when they start wandering off on their own, that’s when things become more than a little difficult.

Recently, one couple noticed that their five-year-old daughter was not sound asleep in her bed the way they originally thought.

The girl had been sneaking away at 7 a.m. every morning, and returning an hour later.

Where she went, nobody knew. That’s when her father decided to follow her, but it was no easy task considering the little girl was onto him the whole time.

What Was She Doing and Why Was She Going There?

what was she doing

The girl, named Sasha, and her parents lived on a large farm house, and Sasha had everything she ever needed.

Plenty of free space to run around, animals to keep her entertained, beautiful blue skies and sunsets each evening, and lush green grass to roll around and play on.

Despite that, it wasn’t enough.

The young girl craved adventure. Attention. Somewhere different to explore.

Each morning, she opened her door and checked for her dad before heading out to her secret hiding place. She would start playing until the coast was clear, and then she would take off.

Her father, Tom, was paralyzed with fear when he opened the bedroom door only to discover that she wasn’t there.

Tom Finds Terrifying Note in Sasha’s Room

Eventually, Sasha’s mother Emma and Tom found a note while scouring her room for clues.

“Come to the back house and meet me today at 6:30 p.m.,” the note read. “You must come alone.”

Tom informed his wife that he would decide to follow Sasha closer than ever before.

“This could be serious,” he thought to himself.

Tom Follows Sasha and Discovers the Truth About What Was Happening


This time, Tom was ready to keep a watchful eye on his daughter’s escape.

He woke at 6 a.m., and saw Sasha look around cautiously to make sure she wasn’t being watched before escaping out the back.

Tom followed her and noticed exactly where she was headed —  to the abandoned house in the back area that originally belonged to her great grandparents.

The house was well maintained, although most people would say it was far from livable.

As Tom strode to the door, a suspicious woman answered, and that’s where the story takes an even more surprising turn.

See the full story below, or scroll ahead to the 3:45 mark to see the dramatic conclusion to find out what Sasha was doing and who she was with:

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