15 New Year Goals That Are Way Better Than ‘Losing Weight’

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Living a healthy life is an important thing, and there are plenty of ways to burn fat and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. We’ve all heard these tips before however. Burn fat by exercising more and eating more fruits and vegetables. Drink more water, move more. Reduces or cut sugar out.

There are certain goals however that will support your health and wellness both mentally, physically and emotionally which will in tern support the health of your body. Sometimes by integrating other practices in your life that are healthy but not necessarily tied to diet or exercise you can improve these areas of your life by simply having more clarity.

Intentions and habits that restore your mind, body and spirit will restore your body also as your mindset becomes healthier and less addicted to unhealthy habits. Here are some ideas that are worth considering going into 2022:

  1. Meditation: Meditation is a great way to silence and calm the mind. This provides more mental clarity and foresight for healthy actions to take in your life. This allows for all the mental chatter that doesn’t serve you to fall by the waist side.
  2. Rest When Needed: We are focused on go-go-GO in this society and rest is important to rejuvenate and restore the body. Take a bath, light some candles, burn some incense and read a book. Take a nap! Lay in the hammock. Resting and meditating go hand-in-hand quite well and allow you the energy to get back on track. Don’t neglect your health.
  3. Try New Food: Sometimes we get stuck in the same routines and the same food. The more biodiversity we have in our diet the more robust our body becomes. Spend time exploring new cuisines. You’ll never know what you like until you try it! I personally enjoy Mediterranean and Indian cuisine, sushi and Caribbean dishes which are healthier and some have a nice spicy kick!
  4. Journal Weekly: Journaling is a great way to provide mental and emotional clarity in your life. When I journal it simply allows me to let go of the past, the pain and trauma that we carry can sometimes simply be written out. Even writing about something simple that happened and writing ‘I forgive them’ can be so empowering to move on and be clear from those events. I also find that it allows me to write my future into existence sooner.
  5. Set A Savings/Investing Goal: Saving and investing set you up for a more provided for future. Savings is good, but savings dwindle over time and because of inflation on the rise you want to invest something. Stocks and crypto are the easiest way to begin investing. You can invest in crypto by setting up a coinbase account by clicking here. I recommend getting some cryptoassets that earn interest such as Cosmos or Algo to see your money grow and earn interest daily. It’s fun to see your money grow!
  6. Pick Up A New Hobby: New hobbies are great for the mind and body. Learning a new hobby such as sewing, or a new sport, or learn woodworking and sell your work, or starting an etsy business.
  7. Read a New Book Each Month: Reading books is a great way to invest in your mind. Non-fiction books are great for growing and evolving. Read about growing your wealth and investing. Read about health. Read about mindset. Spend time bettering yourself through books that help you grow. Non-fiction books are great to engage your imagination and these stimulate your creative juices. Both are great! Read non-fiction and fiction alike!
  8. Get A Therapist Or Coach: Therapists and coaches are guides on your journey to a healthier and more balanced version of you. We all have dealt with trauma in life. We all need a therapist, a coach, a guide or mentor to support us on our journey to the greatest version of ourselves. Don’t be afraid to seek health and have those conversations. Doing so shows that you’re brave!
  9. Dance Each Week: Dancing is not only great for your body and fun but it actually is one of the few exercises that keeps your brain young as well. New research shows that the spontaneous movements of dance is exceptionally healthy for the brain.
  10. Adopt an Animal From A Shelter: There are many dogs, cats and animals in shelters that will give you more love and cuddles. Find a shelter in need and see if there’s a pet that takes a liking to you. Research shows that both dogs and cats are healthier for humans. Even the purr of a cat has been studied and shows to lower stress in humans.
  11. Volunteer More Often: There are so many volunteer opportunities and this gives you the opportunity to find more empathy, compassion and gratitude in your heart. Volunteering does something for you just as much as it does something for them. I speak from firsthand experience when I share that volunteering as a kid’s camp counselor was healing for me and that emotional healing was very much needed. That healing that can come from scenarios and environments that you’re not always in on a daily basis is crucial to your long-term health and well-being.
  12. Plan Family Movie Nights: There’s nothing like grabbing a comfortable seat on the couch and finding a great story on film and enjoying it with the ones you love most. Make Friday nights movie nights. Find movies that are positive, encouraging, based on true stories. I find that films that have more heart and meaning behind them are much more worth my time than whatever the hottest new celebrity plays in.
  13. Drink More Water: Staying hydrated is one way to not only improve your health but also to reduce headaches, support fat loss and detoxify the body. Staying hydrated is very important.
  14. Unfollow Toxic Social Media Accounts: There are a lot of social media accounts now that people promote hate, violence, racial segregation, divisive ideas and content. Don’t subscribe your pure mind to these tainted ideas. It can be easy to get caught in the trap of separation and anger but by following positive accounts and pages you position yourself to be in and act in a more positive state. This supports your life and energy in so many ways.
  15. Thrift instead Of New: There are so many used clothes and garments that can be bought used. This is better for the environment, society and your finances. There are many thrift shops beyond the salvation army and goodwill. Look up local thrift stores that could use your support and act there.There you have it. 15 ideas that will not only support your physical health and well-being in certain ways but will also support your health and wellness in your mind and spirit as well. Invest in a well-rounded, holistically healthy version of yourself in 2022!

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