Can You Spot Which One Doesn’t Belong in This Picture?

brain teaser bowling

The sport of bowling is popular throughout North America, with an estimated 1.2 million people currently registered as regular league bowlers in the United States.

More than 67 million people go bowling each year, making up about 1 in 5 people overall in this country!

The sport of bowling has actually been traced all the way back to articles found in the tomb of an Egyptian child buried in 5200 BC.

Back in those ancient days, the primitive implements used in the sport included nine pieces of stone at which a stone “ball” was rolled, with the ball having to first work its way through an archway made of three pieces of marble.

ancient egypt bowling

Yes, the game has certainly changed quite a bit since its humble Stone Age beginnings, but one thing’s for sure: you need the right equipment to be able to bowl your best game in today’s day and age.

The simple puzzle below is yet another simple one that will test your ability to concentrate, as well as to know and identify the basics of one of America’s most beloved sports.

Can you decipher which of the balls shown in the photograph below does not belong?

Which One is It…Which Ball Does Not Belong?

This visual brain teaser is all about finding the one image in a series of images that isn’t the same as the others.

The problem is, finding the odd man out is not always obvious!

Can you spot which bowling ball does not belong in the image below?

We could you a hint like the original makers of this puzzle did, but that would probably make things just a little too easy on you.

brain teaser bowling

In this particular case, the correct answer is…Bowling ball number four!!!

Ball number four has two thumb-sized holes, whereas the others only have one just like they should.

Any bowling ball needs two finger-sized holes and one larger thumb-sized hole to be effective, if you have any intentions on bowling a high scoring game, of course!

Bowling ball #4 clearly does not belong this time around.

Thanks for playing and be sure to share this simple yet effective brain teaser with anyone you know who may not be able to get it right away!

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