Canoeist Wins Gold Medal Fixing Kayak With Condom (We’re Not Making This Up)

At the Tokyo Olympics, Australian slalom canoeist Jessica Fox won a bronze and gold medal. And now her video of repairing her kayak with a condom is breaking the internet.

The video posted on Tik Tok by Fox a person is shown applying a carbon mixture on the front of the kayak before ending by sliding a condom on it. Who knew that Kayaks could be repaired with a condom?

Fox news captioned the video “Bet you never knew condoms could be used for kayak repairs.” She added, “It gives the carbon a smooth finish.”

Fox went on to win her first Olympic gold in the women’s C1 canoe slalom. She also won Olympic bronze in the canoe slalom K1 final.

Tokyo Olympic organizers planned to hand out 60,000 condoms, the organizers encouraged the athletes to use them at home, not in the village. So for fox, getting a condom wouldn’t have been difficult at all.

The organizers of the event told AFP that these distributed condoms are not to be
used at the Olympic Village. They shared that the condoms were meant to be brougth back
to their native lands to support an “HIV/AIDS” campaign.

I’m not quite sure how using a condom supports a disease, let alone prevents it… But
I digress! The Netizens reacted to Fox’s creativity in using a condom to solve the problem with some
interesting comments such as..

“Engineers mind. Bravo!”

“Great innovation buddy”

“Creative competitor for gold!”

“I guess you learn something new everyday.”

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