Zac Efron Explores How To Live Healthier And More Sustainable From Different Countries in Netflix Series

There’s a relatively new show on Netflix that all of us here at Green Living Tribe believe needs to be shared. It’s a show about sustainability, health and new ways of living.

Zac Efron and superfoods explorer and health author Darin Olien are hosts in the Netflix series called “Down To Earth” which explores new perspectives on water, food and energy. These are modern staples for a modern life. In the Netflix series they travel to and explore countries like but not limited to France, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Iceland and Peru!

Along the way they unearth and discover alternative energy sources. Healthier ways of moving water throughout a city in France, as well as how to utilize the land to grow an abundance of healthy food in Costa Rica. As well as many other valuable lessons about life, friendship and community along the way.

The show has a great sense of adventure, exploration, curiosity and learning opportunities. If the topic of sustainability, healthy living and different cultures excite you then this show is definitely worth checking out.

The personality of Zac Efron paired with Darin Olien is an entertaining and informative mix. There’s humor sprinkled throughout the show and it’s engaging from the first minute to the last of each episode. You’ll learn a lot and be excited to apply and implement new ways of living and being in your own life simply from the show.

Here’s the Trailer for Down To Earth:

It’s a great show to learn something and benefit from this holiday season with friends and family. We hope you enjoy it!

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