16 People Whose Real Age Is Near Impossible to Guess

Have you ever guessed someone’s age and been completely off? I know I have been there. Sometimes it’s challenging and I need to save face directly after! A good rule of thumb for guessing someone’s age that is older is to always guess 5 years younger than you think they actually are. That way they feel younger and you feel great for viewing them as younger than they actually are! Some people however have a face that is hard to place an age on, some people age faster and some people have a baby face into their 40’s! Today we have 16 individuals who you’ll have a hard time guessing their age.

Take your guess at their age and read their age below their photo. This will be fun, here we go!

What is your guess for her age? Many people said 27-30 years old. Turns out, this woman is 51 years old.

What is your guess? Many guessed a wide range from 19 to 39 years old. This woman is 20!

Many people said 25 or 35, but this woman is 32 years old.

Many people guessed this woman was 27 years old. Turns out she’s 47 years old. Lucky Her!

Many people thought 19 or 20, but this young lad is 28 years old!

She could be 20. She could be 36. Turns out she’s 34.

Many people guessed 39 or 42. Turns out this woman is 54!

Many guesses around 23, but she’s 29 years old!

Many guesses in young 20’s. He’s 25!

20 or 30? 22 years old!

Many teenage guesses. 15, 17. Turns out she’s 32!

She’s 35, 37? Nope, she’s 47 and she looks great for her age! This was the only guess I got right.

I guessed 27. But she’s only 18!! Makeup adds years it seems.

Guess his age? 29! You’re right!

Guesses came in at 36, but it turns out he’s 26!

She was said to be 25, but it turns out she’s 29 years old!

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Guess the guy in the video’s age? If you’re in the 20’s you’re wrong. He’s 32!

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