This Insanely Accurate Personality Quiz Claims There Are 12 Female Archetypes, Which One Are You?

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Everyone has a unique personality made up of different traits, quirks, and characteristics. But could there possibly be just 12 core “archetypes” that encompass the essence of the female personality?

That’s the fascinating premise behind a new personality quiz that is making waves online. This insightful quiz aims to identify which of 12 distinct archetypes you align with most closely based on your innate preferences and behavioral tendencies.

Which Female Archetype Do You Identify With The Most?



The Queen archetype represents leadership, power, and authority. They often take on mentoring roles and help others achieve their potential. Queens value loyalty in their relationships and aim to build strong communities.

They have an air of nobility, grace, and wisdom that comes from their compassion and life experience. While they enjoy the finer things, Queens are not afraid to take care of pragmatic necessities. They understand the privileges and responsibilities of their position.

At their best, Queens uplift others through mentorship and community building. At their worst, they can become overly authoritarian or demanding. The Queen archetype includes women who are natural leaders and managers both in the workplace and at home. They take initiative and work steadily toward their vision of the future.



The Maiden archetype represents youthfulness, innocence, and new beginnings. Maidens have an optimistic and carefree attitude about life. They are excited by the possibilities that lie ahead of them and enjoy exploring new ideas, relationships, and experiences.

Maidens value connection, creativity, and personal freedom. They want to feel spirited and alive in the present moment. Maidens nurture their inner child-like wonder about the world.

At their best, Maidens bring joy and lightheartedness to others through their fresh perspective. At their worst, they may come across as naive or irresponsible, especially to those with a more cautious outlook. Maidens live spontaneously in the moment and are not afraid to chart their own course.



The Healer archetype represents compassion, caregiving, and restoration. Healers are deeply empathetic and driven to help, nurture and care for others. They have an innate sense of service and derive meaning from caring for people in their lives.

Healers value community, connection, and emotional intimacy. They aim to create harmony and restore balance where there is dis-ease or suffering. Healers intuitively know how to make others feel safe, respected, and cherished.

At their best, Healers cultivate strong bonds and uplift others through their deep compassion. At worst, they can become overly self-sacrificing or drawn into unhealthy enmeshments.

The Healer archetype includes nurturing mothers, friends who are natural therapists, nurses, social workers, and any women who feel most fulfilled when taking care of others. Their gift is tending to the human spirit and helping it flourish.



The Sage archetype represents wisdom, insight, and truth. Sages value knowledge, learning, and critical thinking. They are constantly searching for deeper meaning and understanding about the world and human nature.

Sages are reflective, philosophical, and often scholarly in pursuit of truth. They focus on developing the life of the mind and value intellectual exchanges.

At their best, Sages impart wisdom that enlightens others’ lives in meaningful ways. At worst, they can become too cerebral or pedantic in their constant quest for knowledge. The Sage archetype includes women who teach, do research, engage in serious study, and ruminate on the big questions we all face.

They shine light on important truths that transform perspectives. Their wisdom develops from scholarly learning as well as observation and lived experience.



The Dame archetype represents refinement, poise, and sophistication. Dame women value beauty, style, and elegance in how they present themselves to the world. They carry themselves with grace and self-assurance.

The Dame embodies timeless class and quality – she favors well-made pieces over trendy flash. She appreciates the finer things in life and surrounds herself with beauty. Though she has discerning taste, at her worst the Dame may come across as vain, judgmental, or superficial.

At her best, the Dame maintains dignity and inspires others with her sense of cultured polish. She knows good etiquette is a way of making people feel respected. This archetype values the beauty in small details and common courtesies.

The Dame is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and stays true to her elevated aesthetic ideals. She aims for elegance rather than extravagance in all she does.



The Heroine archetype represents courage, strength, and valor. Heroines are driven by a sense of justice and desire to make the world better. They are willing to take risks and fight for causes greater than themselves.

Heroines have great inner fortitude and bravery in the face of challenge. They value integrity and speaking hard truths. These women will defend the helpless and stand up for the underdog.

At their best, Heroines inspire others with their conviction and resilience. At their worst, they may come across as reckless or ruthlessly opinionated. The Heroine archetype includes women who advocate for social justice, take bold stands, or dedicate themselves to protecting others. They are fearless in confronting darkness. Their sense of honor compels them to fight for what’s right.



The Mother archetype represents nurturing, protection, and unconditional love. Mothers have deep wells of caring, generosity, and devotion to give to others. They value relationships and family above all.

For them, providing and sacrificing for loved ones is a responsibility as well as a joy. Mothers create safe havens and their comforting presence brings security.

At their best, they selflessly foster growth and inspire loyalty. At worst, they may martyr themselves or become smothering and controlling. The Mother is caring and supportive, leading with her heart.

She is the foundation at the center of families and communities. This archetype includes biological mothers, as well as any women with nurturing, maternal instincts to care for others. Their arms are always open when you need them most.



The Mystic archetype represents intuition, inner wisdom, and connection to the divine. Mystics have a strong sense of spirituality and belief in forces beyond the material world.

They value imagination, symbolism, and trust in their intuition. Mystics are reflective dreamers in tune with signs, omens, and synchronicities. They seek communion with nature and have a reverence for all life.

At their best, Mystics use their gifts to provide guidance, insight, and healing. At worst, they may seem ungrounded or lost in impractical fantasies. This archetype includes shamans, oracles, healers, witches, and anyone who is deeply aligned with their extrasensory gifts.

Mystics believe there are deeper meanings beneath the surface of reality which they access through ritual, prayer, and meditation. Their connection to the cosmic helps them counsel others.



The Lover archetype represents passion, romance, and intimacy. Lovers yearn for deep personal connections and are very relationship-oriented. They value trust, affection, and sensuality in relationships.

Lovers enjoy sharing experiences with their beloved and cherish moments of tender closeness. They are playful, affectionate, and enjoy cultivating intimacy.

At their best, Lovers create safe spaces for vulnerability and union. At worst, they may come across clingy and jealous. This archetype includes romantic partners as well as intimate platonic friends.

The Lover is oriented toward their trusted inner circle and thrives on meaningful one-on-one relationships. They offer companionship, adoration, and unconditional acceptance to their partners and soulmates.



The Creator archetype represents imagination, ingenuity, and artistic vision. Creators are driven to invent, design, and bring their original ideas to life. They value self-expression, innovation, and thinking outside the box.

Creators have vibrant inner worlds and love shaping raw materials into meaningful expressions. They think in metaphors, symbols, and abstract patterns.

At their best, Creators manifest new possibilities that inspire and bring beauty to the world. At worst, they may lack pragmatism and become lost chasing unrealistic dreams.

The Creator archetype includes writers, artists, musicians, fashion designers, and anyone who thrives on imagination and originality. Creators give form to novel ideas, and trust in the process of transforming visions into reality through dedication to their craft.



The Hunter archetype could represent determination, focus, and self-reliance. Hunter women are focused on achieving their goals and prize capability above all. They value independence and self-sufficiency. Hunters enjoy the thrill of the chase; they are persistent in tracking down whatever they desire.

At their best, Hunters are able to accomplish difficult feats through their grit and laser-like focus. At worst, they may become overly competitive or aggressive in their relentless drive. This archetype values calculated risk-taking and trusts in their abilities.

Hunter women follow their ambitions with relentless stamina and back themselves to eventually win what they are pursuing, be it in business, sports, or their personal life. They are cunning strategists who lay traps and patiently play the long game, striking at just the right moment.



The Caregiver archetype represents compassion, generosity, and service. Caregivers are deeply empathetic and driven to provide care and assistance to others. They value community, emotional intimacy, and acts of service. Caregivers have an innate sense of duty and responsibility towards others. They are excellent at anticipating needs and enjoy being helpful and useful.

At their best, Caregivers create positive change through charity and selfless care. At worst, they may become martyrs or grow embittered from continually sacrificing for others. This archetype includes nurturing mothers, community volunteers, nurses, nannies, and any women who feel most fulfilled when giving of themselves. Their gift is tending to humanity through generosity and a caring spirit. They build others up with their faith in human goodness.

The unique insights provided by this 12 archetypes quiz prove that while all women are complex, multidimensional beings, common patterns and themes connect us more deeply than we may realize. The archetypes are empowering frameworks for understanding ourselves and each other at a core level.

Though the quiz results provide just a snapshot, the archetypes present a meaningful map of feminine energy in all its forms. We contain multitudes, but may be guided by one predominant archetype that resonates most at this stage of our lives. Understanding our archetype can help illuminate our motivations, values, and growth areas so we can play to our strengths.

Beyond individual understanding, the 12 archetypes allow us to appreciate the diversity of the shared female experience. Each archetype represents a vital aspect of womanhood that balances out the whole. By better understanding ourselves and each other through an archetypal lens, we can build more empathy, celebrate our differences, and embrace the entirety of what it means to be female together.


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