This War-Hero Became President, Survived an Assassination Attempt Then Finished His Speech With The Bullet in His Chest – Do You Know Who?

People say that history repeats itself, but not always. There are some moments in history that have not been duplicated and probably never will be. There are moments, events and experiences that are quite rare. Experiences that haven’t happened since and probably never will.

If you can guess who this U.S. President was, you’re a true history buff. Here are the clues to this President that most do not know!

War-Hero Turned President Clues

Clue #1: This man was a sickly kid with asthma. This caused him to become a naturalist, historian and politician.

Clue #2: He was a war hero as well as a big proponent of the war. Despite this he won the Nobel Peace Prize with his work on the Portsmouth Treaty.

Clue #3: After his presidency he traveled to Africa, doing research and work for the Smithsonian. Killing or trapping over 10,000 animals to send back alongside writings. He traveled to the Amazon as well.

Clue #4: This president survived an assassination attempt during a speech. After he was shot he just continued with the bullet in his chest. He lived with the bullet in his chest for the rest of his life.

Can you guess who this president was?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt (AKA: Teddy Roosevelt)

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