Super Bowl Lottery (Free To Enter) Every Time The Score Changes Some Lucky Person Will Win $50k – And It’s Free To Enter

The Super Bowl is a large sporting event each year in the United States. Probably the most valuable sporting event for advertisers for the entire year. Millions of eyes watching and the opportunity to buy more of their products is what they’re bidding for.

A company that sells mortgages called Rocket Mortgage is trying to capitalize on all this attention by rewarding you the viewer to play a game. It’s a very simple game. You simply pick a square and if your square is picked you win.

How It Works

Register for free, then pick your square on the game grid for a chance to win $50,000 during Super Bowl LVI. Plus, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing for one of our two grand prizes of $500,000!

Sign up for the Contest to win $50,000 every time the score changes during the Super Bowl game. Also, two people will win $500k each to their dream home.

Sign Up Here.



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