Imagine a Future Where You Fly From Your Home To Your Destination

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Imagine a future where instead of piling into an Uber or Lyft you simply walk into your driveway and through your bags into your own personal aircraft vehicle that takes off vertically, flies like a plane and then lands vertically just like a helicopter. Too good to be true? Think again.

Jetoptera is a company that is doing just that. They’ve prototyped, designed and built a vertical takeoff aircraft that allows you to skip the TSA lines at the airport and get to where you need to be fast. No stop lights, no rush hour traffic.

Imagine skipping all the stress and hassle of an airport and getting into this incredibly cool aircraft in your driveway and flying away. Flying over traffic and traveling at fast speeds on a single charge.

You get the grace of the wind at your back as well and the views? They’re incredible. It’s a journey you won’t forget. Take a look at this super cool personal aircraft:

It’s essentially a flying car that takes off from your driveway and lands wherever you want it to. This is what you’d call an EVTOL which stands for electric vertical takeoff and landing.

The secret sauce of Jetoptera is in their fluidic propulsion system which is a new propulsion system designed for efficiency and the best possible result, energy used well.

They’ve tested everything:

Imagine instead of fighting traffic you can get around the city or suburbs in something like this. How cool and futuristic is that? Think Star Wars in the making.

A few other notable companies doing similar things are Archer Aviation and Lilium Aerospace. You can learn more about Jetoptera at

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