Doodle? This is What Your Drawing Reveals About Your Personality Traits

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Did you doodle as a kid, in school? I know I did. I’d get bored with what the teacher was teaching and start doodling on a piece of paper. I’d draw pyramids, circles, and random shapes. I’d draw my name in different ways, just to escape and avoid the boredom that was setting in from a subject matter that I didn’t particularly enjoy. Maybe you doodled also? It turns out doodling can reveal very specific things about your personality trait. That’s what we’ll be exploring today.

What your doodles mean and how it connects back to your brain and personality. The interesting things about doodles is that these doodles can be a sort of window into your subconscious mind. A doodle can reveal how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking in any given moment or where you’re at in life at that time. Today we’ll be exploring what some of the main doodling images mean and how it relates to your thoughts and feelings. Are you ready? Buckle in! You’re in for a treat.

14 Different Doodles And What They Say About Your Personality

  1. Stick Figures: If you draw stick figures it could mean that you are socially isolated and feel alone. People who draw stick figures may simply be drawn to draw (nice play on words, huh?) stick figures to escape responsibility, it’s just me! in stick figure form of course.

  2. An Eye or Eyes: Drawing pictures of an eye or a set of eyes can mean different things, so this is up to your interpretation. Your own set of eyes! If the eye is open or closed can mean different things also. Open eyes can be revealing while closed eyes can show that there is a closed nature to your mind or heart at that point in life. The closed eye can represent drawing something that represents you not wanting to see something, hence the closed eye. An open eye can reveal an open personality and an outgoing personality type. The eyes also carry a lot of emotion. Eyes can carry sadness as well as joy, so the emotional tone of the eyes can be revealing as well.

  3. Doodle Your Name: This is one that I myself did a lot in middle school. Drawing your name can be revealing in a few ways. One, it’s revealing of how to express yourself personally. Maybe you draw your name in a creative way, or a very structured and solid way. This can reveal your own individual personality type. Whether you’re more logical or creative, tying it back to your name and how it’s portrayed on paper. It can also mean that you’re self-absorbed, oops! Guilty as charged! This can reveal that you’re thinking about yourself a bit more often than not and can also mean that you could be narcissistic. Gee, I question whether or not I should share I doodled my name. Does it count when you’re a kid? I haven’t doodled my name in decades! ha! For the record, I was also just practicing what my signature would look like as an adult.

  4. Animals!: Animal doodlers are quite creative inherently. There are so many animals to choose from and different animals can mean different things. If you draw an animal that is ferocious or angry such as a lion, tiger or something that emits a lot of power it can show that you have internal anger or a power struggle within. Or, that you simply admire a powerful animal and desire to be a powerful human also. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you channel your power wisely. It can also mean many other things. Drawing a squirrel or turtle for example can mean that you are in need of more protection, shelter, a safe home. Doodling animals can connect back to the traits or desires that you have. We have an affinity with animals! Why do you think the idea of a ‘spirit animal’ is such a big thing?

  5. Geometric Shapes And Patterns: Drawing geometric shapes and patterns can reveal you have an engineering mind. A mind that likes to create and solve problems. This can also mean that you’re a cautious and calculated person that can be standoffish towards others. Keeping confined in your box, or circle, or pyramid. It can reveal a stubborn yet calculated mentality.

  6. Doodling Arrows: Drawing arrows can represent where your energy and time internally would rather be. Drawing an arrow pointing to the left, or backwards, can reveal you may be stuck in the past. Drawing an arrow pointing towards the right can reveal that you’re focused on living in the future. Drawing an arrow down can reveal that you’re focused on yourself and may be self centered or self absorbed. Think of a down pointing arrow as you pointing at yourself with your own finger. An arrow from animals or objects to another can reveal various things as well. Doodling arrows reveals direction in one way or another. Where is that direction from and where is it going?

  7. Doodling Stars: Drawing stars reveals that you feel like you should be the star of the show or star of the moment. A star with too many points however can reveal other dark things such as connection to the demonic presence of depression. I sure hope your star is supportive of you and you being a shining star in your own life, not the latter.

  8. Doodling Nature: People who draw nature tend to be in a positive mindset and this is a good sign. Nature represent life, growth, creativity and inspiration! Drawing nature shows that your mind is healthy and you have a well-balanced positive outlook on your own personal life. Doodle nature more! It’s therapeutic!

  9. Doodling X’s a Crosses: This can reveal that something in your life needs to stop and that you have guilt or shame associated with an event that you may not have processed fully yet. Be sure to address whatever it is that is causing you to feel guilt or shame. Find space to give yourself grace and forgive yourself, after all, we are all only human.

  10. Doodling Boxes Or Houses: When a home is doodled on paper it can reveal several things. It can reveal the need for security, peace and a safe space to dwell. It can simply be a vision of a happy home in the future. It can also mean that you are a very well planned person and meticulous about them. You see into the future and have a vision for your life and will not break from that vision you have in your minds eye.

  11. Doodling Checkerboard: A checkerboard or chessboard can reveal the complexities of life and being stuck in the mind. This can reveal that there are problems that are faced in life that appear too difficult to solve and that they are stuck in the mind and not making their way into the action portion of your life. If you feel this way, take a step back and dedicate less mental thought towards it and just be. What is meant to be will always come to you! Have faith and trust in a higher power than yourself. The weight and stress of the world isn’t meant to be on your shoulders.

  12. Doodling Honeycombs! Unlike a chess or checkerboard doodle honeycombs reveal that you feel peace, harmony and serenity. The rigid nature of a chess or checkerboard is quite different than the pattern of a honeycomb. The honeycomb is a beautiful geometrical pattern that bees produce in nature. It reveals the complexity yet simplicity of what nature can produce and the amazing nectar of the sweet honey comes from it! If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by lives struggles, try drawing a honey comb with other nature in the same photo for art therapy!

  13. Doodling Spirals!? Hey genius! If you doodle spirals this is a very good sign. Doodling spirals can mean that you could be a genius! Okay, okay, don’t let it go to your head. Spirals can be a sign that day to day challenges aren’t that difficult for you and life feels like a breeze. I might just have to get out a piece of paper and start my day by drawing a quick spiral to remind myself that I am a genius, even if I am not! Power of the mind, placebo effect!? right!?

  14. Circles And Rings: If you doodle circles and rings it could mean that you’re an introvert and go within more often than most. This can reveal loneliness and emptiness. It may be a good idea to focus on healthy friendships and relationships in your life to counteract the loneliness and isolation that you feel. Or, continue drawing and focus on drawing things that take your mind into a more positive place!

    And here you have it. Fourteen different doodling images that reveal what’s really going on in your subconscious mind or emotional state. Keep in mind that doodling, drawing and art are really up for debate and interpretation by the viewer. You may draw something that means something positive to you but negative to another viewer, or vice versa. Drawing and putting a pencil, pen or art brush on paper is very therapeutic. There are actually art therapy classes all over the country now as it’s a great way to inspire healing and get into a healthy mental state. If you’re feeling called to create more art in your life, don’t hold back! Make it a goal and vision of yours to get the art tools and supplies that you need to make 2023 your most creative and artistic year yet!

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