10 Of The Most Valuable Lessons Learned in 2022

We all learn lessons in life and as long as we learn from those messages they will benefit us the next year and for years to come. Today we’ll be sharing 10 different lessons learned in 2022 from people across the board. Hopefully these lessons will be valuable to you simply by reading, instead of learning the hard way! Through trial and error. Here are the top 10 lessons we have learned from 2022!

Top 10 Lessons From 2022:

  1. Don’t Believe Your Own Hype:

    Many people made great money in 2021. In real estate, crypto, stocks and other markets. 2022, not so much. This year taught us to not believe our own hype. This could make you think you’re better or smarter than you actually are. Judge yourself based on when you win during a bad market. 2022 was a difficult year for many of us and 2023 will most likely be no different, maybe even more difficult. Buckle down, get to work and stay consistent. The people who work the hardest and stand out the most in a down market become rising stars when the market and economy come back.

  2. Don’t Buy Into Polls:

    For whatever reason people see polls and believe them as truth, in reality this is not the truth. The people running these polls can survey specific groups of people to skew the results in the favor that they desire. Polls tell you a bunch of different things. Politically they are full of crap. Give polls 10% credibility at tops. Polls are also simply not accurate if they are done in this manner.

  3. Zoom Meetings Suck:

    Long story short zoom calls will not replace real life. This started during covid and it came back down fast. There’s so much power in meeting people. Shaking someone’s hand is real life. If you meet someone in real life you can get to know someone’s body language. We cannot live in a professional and personal world with only zoom meetings. You cannot date on zoom, can you?

  4. Job Hoppers Get Exposed:

    In 2021 everyone was recruiting and people were jumping ship to go to new jobs and they didn’t stay committed to one job. The gap resume has shown that there is inconsistency in your resume. Employers are starting to realize this and it does not help with your career as a whole. Those who have been consistent and shown loyalty have leverage because they stuck to it while many people were running around working for the latest dollar.

  5. Bad Policies Have Consequences:

    Bad political or commercial policies have consequences. This refers to the Government, netflix or anyone else. The market ultimately decides what they gravitate towards. People will agree or disagree with you and the market ultimately decides. Don’t make decisions for your company, family or life that are big important decisions without consulting people that are wiser than you in these areas.

  6. If It’s Too Good To Be True:

    Many people lost money in FTX with Sam Bankman Fried and in other investment schemes. Be mindful of where your money goes and invest wisely. If it’s too good to be true it most likely is. It’s better to be safe than lose it all.

  7. Bullies Get Exposed:

    There has been a lot of bullying and canceling online in the past year. People getting deplatformed, completely removed from social media for exercising their freedom of speech. This type of bullying from big tech does not go unnoticed and the tech overlords that have ostracized these people are remembered and held accountable to their actions by the court of public opinion. In your personal life don’t be so quick to write someone off simply because you disagree with them. Stop allowing people to bully you, your ideas and your free speech.

  8. Citizen Journaling is Crushing Mainstream Media:

    Citizen journalism is on the rise and becoming much more popular. Podcasters, youtubers, bloggers and social media influencers are on the rise and FAST. Mainstream media is struggling more than ever as the tides are turning. The public is learning that there are many different opinions and ideas. To learn from many people and perspectives is the freedom that the internet, social media and content offers us. Mainstream media will continue to struggle and independent journalism will continue to grow. This might be a good career change idea for you if you have a journalistic mind.

  9. The World is Getting Smaller:

    The world is smaller than it’s ever been because we are all connected via the web. The world is also getting smaller because population growth has slowed down for the first time in the United States EVER. This means that there are less families and procreation as a whole.

  10. David Can Stand Up To Goliath:

    We think that the biggest are the baddest and they don’t always fall. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot. Rome was the biggest superpower in the world and they fell. We see the United States, China and Russia as some of the worlds largest superpowers but that does not mean that they cannot fall or fail. Remember in your own life, there may be battles that you face or insurmountable tasks but this does not mean that you cannot overcome them. David beat goliath, so don’t always count your eggs before they hatch.

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