5 Ways To Improve Your Breathing And Open Your Lungs

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Oxygen is the #1 nutrient for life and survival. We die faster from lack of oxygen than anything. Food, water, nutrition, sunlight, sleep and everything else comes after the importance of oxygen and the oxygen transporation systems in our body. In fact, two of the top ten causes of death in the United States have to do with lung health and oxygenation of the body. If we combine these two lung related illnesses lung health and oxygen actually move to the #3 leading cause of death in the United States! Shocking huh?

Oxygen is used by every cell in our being and it does so much to keep the body stable, the immune system healthy, the heart pumping and so much more. The problem is that in western society we have disconnected from our natural breathing patterns and this has caused us to have breathing or lung issues that can become further complicated over time.

Today we’ll be exploring five simple ways to improve your breathing patterns. This will support the health of your lungs and the flow of oxygen throughout your entire body. The more closely you can follow these guidelines for healthy oxygenation of the body the more benefit you will receive, so pay close attention and breathe right! The better your breathing the better your body can use oxygen properly.

5 Ways To Improve Your Breathing

  1. Breathe Through Your Nose – Not Your Mouth!

    There’s a simple phrase that says “Noses are for breathing, mouths are for eating” this is because breahting through the nose is the proper way to breathe and our health benefits from breathing through our nose, not our mouth. This is because the nose acts as an air filter unlike the mouth. Our nose hairs act as a filter to keep particles from entering our lungs. The nose also heats up and humidifies the air that we breathe, unlike the mouth. The air becomes pressurized so that when it gets to our lungs we can extract about 20% more oxygen breathing from our nose as opposed to our mouth. Think about this throughout the day, night and our entire lives. That’s a big difference. Breathing through the mouth also exhales humidity and dehydrates you faster.

    Breathing through the nose also creates nitric oxide which improves circulation of the body which supports cardiovascular health as a whole. Stengthening the health of the heart and more. Breathing through your nose literally keeps your body healthier and immune system stronger.

  2. Breathe Into Your Diaphragm:

    Breathing through your nose is such an important first step. This filters air and helps the quality of the air that gets into our lungs to be much healthier, moistened, pressurized and available. Breathing through the nose allows you to obtain more oxygen with each breath allowing the lungs to be calm and efficient. Next, you want to breathe into your diaphragm. This is essentially your abdominal region. Most people breathe short, shallow breaths. This is in the chest region and doesn’t allow for deep oxygenation throughout the entire body. Breathing into your lower abdominal region ensures that oxygen is drawn up and down throughout the body, helping to exrecise important digestive muscles in the process.

  3. Improve Your Lung Capacity:

    Lung capacity is a measurement of how strong the lungs are. How much oxygen can your lungs take in and utilize at any given time. The most remarkable study here found that the #1 marker for longevity wasn’t genes, and had nothing to do with cancer. It actually was the volume of someone’s lung capacity. The larger our lungs are and the more efficiently and better they are operating the longer we will live. The older we get the more our lungs start to shrink. Breathing properly helps to extend our lung capacity. Also, keeping your posture proper helps to breathe properly. This allows for calm, control, rythmic breaths. You want to retain your lung capacity as you age and stay in a calm state. You want to get oxygen efficeintly with each breath. Exercise is the #1 way to improve and keep lung capacity healthy. I personally recommend Wim Hof Breathing to increase the lung capacity. This is a powerful tool for increasing lung capacity.

  4. Slow Your Breathing Down:

    When you slow your breathing patterns down you are sending signals to your brain that your body is calm. The body signals to the brain more than the brain signals to the body. If you’re hunched over, breathing in a panting way this sends signals to your brain that there is an issue. There are hormones such as adrenaline that influence inflammation and other health issues. Breathing slowly you can take over the systems of the body and calm the nervous system. This keeps your nervous system in a parasympathetic nervous system which supports your body in being restful and digesting more optimally as well. Slowing down your breathing has so many benefits. Whereas breathing heavily increases stress, harms digestive health and causes the nervous system to run haywire.

  5. Hold Your Breath:

    When you are conscious you want to take breaks and hold your breath. Holding your breath consciously is more valuable than holding your breath unconsciously. Holding your breath increases your levels of carbon dioxide. Increasing your tolerance for carbon dioxide over time actually improves athletic performance and helps to balance the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Breath holds induce something called the BOHR effect. The blood transfers more oxygen to the tissues in the body during this process.

Here are five simple breathing techniques that can improve immunity, cardiovascular health, the health of the nervous system, the health of your digestion and so much more. You can also get plants in your home that help to purify the air and open your windows more often. The EPA shows that outdoor air is 2-5 times cleaner than indoor air. Air quality has a lot to do with what your body can utilize so be sure to breathe outdoor air as often as possible.

I have also found that Radiate Immunity, which is a supplement formulated for immunity, lung health and lymphatic health has been very helpful in keeping my lungs healthy, clean and breathing far heatlhier. My body is calmer, my lung biome is healthier and I feel stronger taking Radiate Immuinty. Visit RadiateImmunity.com to learn more, and use the code gratitude to get 10% off your order.

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