Simpsons Video Reveals All Predictions For 2023 (With A Track Record Of Success)

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The Simpson’s TV show has been on the air for more than three decades because of a loyal fan base. The one strange thing about this TV show is that they have made predictions about the real world, many of which have come true. In fact, the Simpson’s have made predictions on their TV show about the future that have come true over 30 TIMES now. How shocking is that? Forget paying a psychic, just watch the Simpsons. It’s cheaper, you don’t have to leave your couch and it’s much more entertaining!

This year, the Simpsons made predictions for 2023 that may actually be worth paying attention to. Why? Because whoever controls the Simpson’s TV show must have insider information on future events. That’s why. It may sound weird, but look up all the predictions that the show has made and how many of them have come true. It’s truly hard to believe. The show actually predicted that Donald Trump would become president, and look what happened. He did.

6 Predictions The Simpsons Made For 2023:

        1. Inflation Crisis:

          This doesn’t come much as a surprise. We have seen more inflation this year. In the show Homer shares that we can’t fail because we’re just as strong as ancient Rome! Obviously, Rome fell. The contemporary world is an unstoppable development. Or is it, we’re slaves to the system. Slides on the screen show Ben Bernanke, solar flares, no local farming and more.

        2. Nuclear Conflict Between The United States & China:

          Another prediction is a nuclear conflict. A nuclear war between the United States and China in 2023. In the show the announcer declares that China and the US have declared war on each other. It predicts that Trump is president in 2024. During the course of the episode Lisa holds office in the white house. She shares that they inherited financial problem from Trump.

          It is predicted that in the year 2023 there would be a new beef burger. This burger is made from a totally different way. The meat is actually fed to the cattle and then they manufacture meat. The reporter that ate the burger in the show goes insane and begins biting other people, turning into a zombie. Bart Simpson ended up saving the day here. In a Zombie apocalypse.

        3. Prediction Of Public Health & Safety Fear Rising:

          This comes as no surprise. People are afraid now more than ever, essentially of a flu, because the TV tells them to be afraid. I have no fear of public health concerns and choose to not invest in fear personally as this is quite literally bad for your health. Your stress levels increase, and stress hormones like cortisol when spiked harm the effectiveness of the immune system. The last thing you want to do is to invest fear into a situation as it will only weaken your body in it’s ability to fight back. Something to keep in mind. The Simpsons do predict more fear however next year! This doesn’t mean I have to partake in it, nor do you.

        4. Ukraine Crisis

          The Ukraine crisis is predicted by the Simpsons also. The 1998 episode had a United Nations meeting and in this the Russian representative shares that the Soviet Union was a thing of the past. This is said to have taken place in 2022. So this is a Simpsons prediction has already started.

        5. Elon Musk Episode:

          In treehouse of horror 33, the cartoon family lives in a version of westworld. The employees in the episode transport people with a cybertruck. Homer is a robot that needs to be controlled. A white model X is also seen in the episode in connection with some of Stephen King’s work. Some interesting Tesla and Elon Musk connections.

        6. Leonardo Dicaprio Episode:

      In the 5th episode of the 32nd season, a red roadster is parked in front of Leonardo Dicaprios home. In order to not have to pay for power Mr. Burns connects his car to Richard Branson’s home. In this episode Mr. Burns (who some see as the richest, most powerful person in the world) makes a plot to kill Elon Musk. This is also strange considering Elon Musk has had some weird tweets about his untimely death in the past year. Eerie right?

      You can watch the rest of the story here:

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