9 Types Of Harmful People That Will Ruin Your Life

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Having toxic people in your life is just as bad as having toxic food or drinks in your diet. Just because food and drinks are consumed and go into your gut doesn’t mean that toxic people don’t cause health issues as well. Toxic people create stress, anxiety, tension and this can all lead to inflammation in the body. People who are toxic can also lead to you questioning your self worth, having an impacted sense of self love and so much more.

There are different types of people that are toxic and they come into our lives in different ways. Today we’re exploring the nine toxic types of people that can find their way into your life and how to properly understand what’s going on to address these people properly.

Toxic people can send your life into a tailspin. It’s difficult to be with toxic people especially in a romantic relationship or a close personal friendship. If you find yourself close to someone who is very toxic it is important to recognize that there is always a way out and there is always something you can do about it. Don’t be afraid to take action and be decisive in those key moments.

Without further ado, here are 9 types of people that are toxic to be around and what to do about it.

9 Types Of Toxic People

  1. Jealous Types:

    Jealous people are jealous because of their own insecurities. They spread jealousy in an effort to tear others down or appear better, but jealousy is never a good look and it nourishes no one. They put down the achievements and success of others in an effort to satiate their envy. Don’t be jealous in life. Instead recognize when you are and ask yourself the important question ‘why do I feel inadequate? or not enough? around this person’ and let that question.

  2. Victim Types:

    The victim evades responsibility at all cost. They are always the victim in the story regardless of the outcome. The outcome could even be conducive to their desire but yet they will still twist the story to be a victim somehow. In the mind of the victim they are never wrong, they are full of pride and lack humility. People who carry a lot of pride and no humility are not open to growth and call what many refer to as a ‘fixed mindset’ in life. These people stay stuck and don’t take full advantage of opportunities in front of them because they don’t ever see themselves coming out ahead. They are in a victimhood mentality. Keep in mind that you can be victimized in life but you don’t need to embrace or adopt the archetype of a victim.

  3. Narcissistic Types:

    The world is rampant with narcissistic people and unfortunately this is a growing mental illness that we have chosen to cover more closely over the coming months on GreenLivingTribe.com. Narcissistic people are vain and come in all forms. Some overt while others covert. If you want to dig into the psychology of a narcissist simply search our website.

  4. Parasitic People:

    Parasitic people act just like parasites in the human body. Parasites find their way in and do what they want to get what they want. They are constantly taking without giving. These people are also codependent and need to be avoided or cut off, or at the very least limited in their parasitic behavior to know that there are boundaries and that those boundaries need to be respected.

  5. The Control Freak:

    Control freaks always want to control the situation, the scenario and the outcome. They live in a controlling mindset and nine times out of ten these people are narcissists. They will dominate friendships, partnerships or any other relationship. They seek a sense of control to not be caught off guard. It really comes from a self protection mechanism to not be hurt. Control freaks can be both men and women, so don’t think this only applys to one gender, it does not.

  6. Retrogressive Type:

    Retrogressive people tend to bring up the past far too often and hold it against you. The past is the past and if forgiveness is not a part of someone’s mindset they can hold the mistakes against you for years. People that are always digging up the past are not going to be nice to be around in the present, or the future. Imagine they keep bringing up the past in a year or two, how exhausting that becomes. Especially when you’ve grown and don’t hold yourself to the same standards the older you get.

  7. Pathological Liars:

    People who constantly lie are not people you want to have in your life because you cannot put any faith or trust in them. Psychology today shares that pathological liars can have antisocial personality disorder as well as even be potential psychopaths. Yikes! Being around people that lie nonstop can ruin anything and everything they touch so you have to distance yourself from these people. It is also important to know that narcissists will lie and manipulate as well, so understand the signs of a narcissist. Hint: There are 5 types of narcissists and this article will explain all of that further.

  8. The Gossip Type:

    I have found in my life that people who gossip are looking to engage in drama because they have been disconnected from the meaning and purpose of their own life. They don’t know the value of their time and energy and where to direct it so gossiping about others fills their head with some sort of sense of importance even though it does nothing. Listening to someone gossiping is like watching the news, it’s awful and I wouldn’t put my time into these type of people (especially in these moments) as it is not healthy behavior. I personally like to confront people when they are gossping and ask them why they are gossiping or talking about another person in a negative manner. That’s just me, but it works for me.

  9. The Cricic:

    People who are critical will make you feel judged or crticisized. These people may not have any actual credible advice but they will always have some criticism or judgement and tell you what you’re doing wrong. Be mindful to notice that all people who have criticism aren’t critics, they could come from a place of love and correction and end their advice could be valuable. So don’t halt all criticism in it’s tracks. I welcome criticism and differieng viewpoints because it challenges my own personal ideas and allows me to grow from new perspectives. I don’t shy away from criticisim personally, I welcome it! But if someone in my life only has critical energy and doesn’t offer solutions or new ideas then the value isn’t truly there.

    And there you have it, nine types of toxic people that you want to avoid in your life. If they are already in your life there are better ways to reduce or remove people from your life depending on the extremity of their behavior.

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