Are You The Person Who Wants Your Ex Back? Or Seeks A New Relationship? Why?

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Most humans have been in a situation where they desire to have their ex back in their lives. It’s more commonly desired than most people realize, even if they keep it a secret and don’t even reveal that to their friends or families. There are really two types of people when it comes to relationships.

First, the individual that moves on and cuts people off. This type of person is generally not looking to heal, or address their emotions, or even any of their mistakes.

The second type of individual is a bit more persistent and dedicated. They don’t desire to see their relationship fail and they want to make it work, even if that means pressing too hard when they shouldn’t be, because the relationship wasn’t healthy in the first place.

What Makes A Relationship Unhealthy?

  1. Someone who chooses to willfully betray you and to and to hide lies, secrets, or cheats on you in the relationship, or all of the above. This individual is not someone that ‘getting back’ is worth pursuing or putting your energy into as they completely disregarded any respect for you in the first place. If they do NOT have a change of heart, don’t expect things to be different the second, third, or tenth time around!
  2. Someone who is a narcissist. Someone who is a narcissist and gaslights you. Someone who is NEVER wrong but you are always wrong is someone who has very little to no personal self awareness. This individual will continue to run over people in life and be ‘right’ while their partners are ‘wrong’ and there is no sign that this will change, until their heart changes.

What Makes A Relationship Healthy?

  1. Someone who is trusting, caring, loyal and brings value to their partner. Someone who is giving, full of love and is invested into the relationship is someone worth being in a relationship with. If you screwed up, and this is them. Get your ex back today with these key practices.
  2. An individual that wants to do the work and go the extra mile and doesn’t play the blame game. This individual is willing to look at themselves, their faults, their shortcomings and their blind spots. This is a healthy person with a healthy perspective that is worth investing into and showing them that you are willing to do the same for them. If this is your ex, get your ex back today with these specific techniques here by proving to them that you are serious about this relationship for the long haul.
  3. Another sign of a healthy relationship is that your partner talks good about you both in front of you and behind your back. If your friends, family or neighbor are hearing about how great of a person you are and how appreciated you are from your partners mouth then that’s the sign she or he is a keeper! A loving partner builds up their partner and doesn’t use their words, grudges or judgement to tear them down. A loving partner wants to see their partner succeed, evolve, grow and thrive in life! If this is the man or woman that you lost, and want them to know that you appreciate that, focus on these 6 key strategies to getting your ex back today. 
  4. Another sign of a healthy relationship and partner is that the line of communication is open and vulnerable. The line of communication is focused on growth, progress and not the blame game. An open line of communication that is shared in a respectful manner shows that this individual cares more about their growth than their ego, which desires to be right all the time. If your ex is someone who is open to having an open line of communication and communicates in a humble and open manner, get your ex back here with these techniques. 

    Did you know that there is a difference between getting your woman or getting your man back? Click here to see the two different approaches to getting your ex back. 

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