Revealed: How Emotions Effect Your Physical Health Including Liver, Kidneys & Lungs

It’s no secret that emotions effect physical health anymore. That cat has escaped the bag! It’s becoming more mainstream over time as well. Emotions are quite literally “Energy in Motion” (e-motion) and this energy in motion needs to keep moving, and be in motion, otherwise it causes issues that manifest in the physical body.

What’s even more interesting is that specific emotions have specific effects on different parts of the body.

In other words, anger resides in the body in a specific place. Grief, resides in a specific place. So on and so forth.

As emotions are uncovered the underlying physical system in the body is effected by this emotion either moving or being stuck, or stagnant in place.

How Do Emotions Effect Health & Energy?

Emotions are quite literally forms of energy that we experience mentally and energetically within our bodies. The distinction between positive and negative emotions creates clarity as to which emotions we prefer more often. Positive emotions fuel us, feed our spirits and give us joy! Negative emotions on the other hand cause us to feel drained, depleted and tired of life in general.

One set of emotions is life giving. One set of emotions is life taking.

With this understanding its important to equip ourselves to be emotionally intelligent and do our best to make emotionally wise decisions. It’s easier said than done. Especially in the heat of the moment.

It’s Important to know how specific emotions effect the body in very direct and impactful ways.

How Long Can Emotions Effect Your Health?

It’s interesting that we don’t really realize the significance of our emotional health until it really causes issues. One can go for weeks, months, years, even decades being negatively effected by harbored emotions without truly realizing it. Emotions that have been buried alive can quite literally impede areas of the body such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and more.

Long story short, it’s important to view your emotions in more of a physical manner than anything. Think of negative emotions such as anger, bitterness, repetitive sadness as emotional toxins that physically weigh on organs in the body. To answer the question ‘how long can your body hold these emotions’? the answer to that would be how long are you willing to hold onto these emotions? That’s how long your body will be effected by these negative emotions.

Take a look at how emotions influence people in their body based on the temperature changes below:

Source: How Emotions Influence Our Health in Chinese Medicine via Healthy Wild Free

Which Systems Of The Body Do Organs Effect?

Through extensive research, medicinal practices around the world that have shown this to be true and quite literally common sense we have now found which emotions effect specific parts of the body.

First, anger! Anger is one of the most common negative emotions. We all have harbored anger in the past or in the present moment. Anger is associated with negatively effecting the liver. It makes sense too, why? Think about it. You ever heard the term ‘angry drunk’? Well, what does alcohol effect? The liver! Where does anger reside? The liver!

When the body is free from anger that emotionally toxic burden can be lifted from the liver.

Next, we have grief. Grief occurs when some form of loss is experienced in life. This could be the loss of a loved one, the loss of a marriage or relationship. The loss of job, business or partnership of any kind. This sense of loss causes one to feel grief, and grief directly impacts the lungs negatively. Have you found it hard to breathe easy after grieving the loss of someone or something? That’s weighing on your lungs in their ability to breathe properly.

When the body is free from grief and that grief is processed we can breathe easier and the body’s ability to utilize oxygen is improved substantially.

Next, we have fear. Fear occurs when we have a deficiency of faith and an abundance of doubt. Fear is something that riddles our mind and limits our bravery, expressions, creativities, our voice and so much more. Fear is a crippling emotion that limits our potential and capacity in life. Fear is something that acts almost as a mental virus, something that fragments our mental programming. However, it is an emotion that manifests itself in other forms such as doubt, anxiety, stress and having a difficult time making decisions out of this fearful lens.

Beyond anger, grief and fear there are other emotions that effect the body negatively in other ways as well. Each specific area of the body has it’s emotion that is connected to it.


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