Celtic Salt Vs. Redmond Real Salt – Which is Healthier?

Salt is an essential part of life, seasoning and health! We all know a little salt goes a long way, and it’s an essential in every household for cooking and ensuring our food has the flavor it deserves.

There have been many popular salts over the years. Years ago Himalayan salt was all the hype as it is an incredibly rich mineral salt.

Unfortunately, there have been some tests that have shown that different Himalayan salts exceed the levels of heavy metals deemed safe that the WHO and FDA recommend. For this reason I have decided to avoid Himalayan salts and opt for real salt by Redmond’s, or Celtic Salt by Selina Naturally.

These two salts are different in that one is derived from the sea and one is derived from a single mine in Redmond’s Utah.

Celtic Salt Vs. Redmond Salt: What’s The Difference?

Great question. Celtic Salt is derived from the sea off the coast of France and Portugal while Redmond real salt is from Redmond, Utah, a mine located about 150 miles south of Salt Lake city, Utah. One salt is ocean derived, while the other is derived inland from a salt mine.

Because of this, the toxin exposure and mineral composition between these two salts vary.

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View The Mineral Levels Of Real Salt vs. Himalayan vs. Celtic Chart Here:

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