The Top 3 Ways To Stop Bloating Fast

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Every once in a while we all experience feeling bloated, from a meal or specific food. This is an uncomfortable feeling and undesirable at all costs. Thankfully there are ways to not only prevent bloating in the first place, which we’ll get to in a bit but to also treat a bloated belly if you do find yourself in that place.

First, what is bloating? and what causes it?

Bloating is nothing more than an inflammatory reaction happening in your gut. This could come from a specific food that you ate or a combination of foods that do not break down well together, and this creates an inflammatory response. The bloating feeling is simply your stomach expanding from inflammation pushing it outward.

There are ways to circumvent this in the first place so that it does not occur.

How To Stop Bloating Before It Even Begins

If you want to avoid being bloated in the first place it is important to take care of your digestive health even while you are not eating. This simply means staying hydrated, taking supplements that support gut health like enzymes that break down excess food from the last meal, so your gut isn’t overloaded all at once.

You want to ensure that your body is hydrated properly, so drink plenty of water and have both prebiotic and probiotic rich foods in your drink or diet, preferably both. These healthy sources of bacteria help your body to break down excess food and calories into smaller and more manageable nutrients used for the body.

If your body does not have enough healthy bacteria in the form of prebiotics and probiotics, food will back up and this will create an inflammatory response in the body when the right food triggers it. There simply won’t be enough room for the last meal, this one and the next.

You also want to ensure that your diet is rich in fiber, in both forms. Soluble and insoluble fiber. These foods are going to act as a plow (pushing) and a brush (scraping) the walls of your Colon. This keeps things clean inside and allows for food to metabolize and digest easier.

Be Mindful Of The Foods That Cause You To Feel Bloated

There are going to be certain recurring foods that you will notice make you feel bloated again and again. These foods may be inflammatory for your gut, but not for everyone. It is important to be mindful and recognize what these foods do and how they influence your biology. If your stomach blows up like a balloon every single time that you eat them, you’ll want to avoid eating these foods in the first place. That’s a good preventative measure!

3 Steps To Reduce Bloating Fast

  1. Get Turmeric! Turmeric is the #1 anti-inflammatory aid in the world. This is going to help turn down the inflammation going on in the gut quicker than anything. There are multiple pathways in the body where inflammation is activated, and turmeric happens to downregulate about 80% of these pathways. In other words, there’s high likelihood that turmeric will reduce or remove bloating very quickly. So take some whenever you feel your body is beginning to get bloated.
    I recommend Turmeric from Omica Organics, this liquid tincture (click here) is perfect. Use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order.
  2. Get Digestive Enzymes: Digestive enzymes are proteins that actively seek out macronutrients such as fat and protein and break these down faster. If you ate a meal that was rich in fat or protein but was not rich in digestive enzymes the body will sluggishly and slowly break down this food. You want to speed that process up and break things down quicker. I recommend getting these digestive enzymes (click to visit), they work very well and very quickly.
  3. Get Radiate Immunity: Radiate Immunity is a blend of 18 plant botanicals formulated for immunity and gut health in general. This unique combination of plants from Ayurvedic, Chinese, Amazonian and Native medicine contains peppermint oil which is anti-inflammatory along with other herbs and oils that help to reduce inflammation quickly. It will also strengthen your gut health and gut lining with powerful antioxidants. Visit to learn more.

    Lastly, it is important that when you feel bloated to not sit there and let it get worse. The best thing you can do besides take the above digestive and anti-inflammatory aids is to simply stand up, go outside and go for a walk.

    If you take anything above (one, or all three things) and go for a walk, that’s even better. Your body will assimilate these quicker and your bloating will go away in no time. Movement such as walking or a little swim, or bike ride is great to move the body and circulate blood to aid in the digestive process.

    And there you have it. Give your body enzymes, turmeric or Radiate Immunity. All of these will benefit in their unique individual ways. Go outside and go for a walk. Additionally, drink a bit of water and take a magnesium supplement internally. This will help as well.

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