New Statistics Show The Important Impact Fathers Have on Children’s Lives And Success in Revealing Video

In today’s world the role of fatherhood is often overlooked. Generally speaking mothers get more praise and attention for parenting than fathers. This is because mothers are generally more attentive to their children’s needs, and more nurturing. This gets noticed more often. The father however tends to play the role of the disciplinarian and as discipline has become less popular in society it is less respected by culture as a whole.

But culture and society here in the west aren’t the healthiest. In fact, here in the United States we have become one of the sickest, most unhealthy countries in the world. This applies to BOTH mental health and physical health. This is statistically factual. Wait until you read the rates of fatherlessness in the US vs. the rest of the world at the end of this article. That one statistic will blow your mind.

What is needed to be healthy? Discipline. When you hear today’s statistics you will see the relevance and importance of the father in the home.

Before we show you that video however there is one valuable statistic to keep in mind while watching the video. This statistic is very simple, and honestly difficult to believe but it illustrates the value a father plays in his son or daughters life.

Two Statistics That Set The Father Son Frame

  1. On average, a father spends 30 dedicated minutes having conversation with his son on a weekly basis.
  2. On average, that boy spends 44 hours per week watching tv, playing videos games or surfing the internet.

Let that sink in. Even with these statistics above where a video game, or television show or the internet having influence over their life they still end up in far healthier positions later in life. Now, let’s get to the rest of the statistics that revealed the impact a father has on his son or daughters life.

Statistics Of Children Raised Without Fathers

  • 90% of homeless and runaway children were raised without a father.
  • 63% of teen suicides were raised without a father.
  • 85% of children and teens with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes.
  • Roughly 70% of teenage pregnancies come from women raised in fatherless homes.
  • Teenage pregnancies in homes raised without a father are far more likely to have an abortion as well.
  • Fatherless kids are 20 TIMES more likely to be incarcerated than their counterparts.
  • Fatherless kids are 11 times more likely to exhibit violent behavior than children raised in a two parent household.

Now, you might be thinking. Wow. Father’s clearly have an important impact in the home and on the children they are raising but this last statistic blew my mind more than any other statistic above. Simply because it shows that the father has a special set of gifts that they impart on their children, just as the mother does. Both roles are valuable and important in the life of a child.

Pay close attention to this.. 

If a man and a woman raise their child they are less likely to end up in jail, but if they are raised by JUST THEIR FATHER’S they have the SAME likelihood of not ending up in jail as being raised by two parents.

In other words, based on the statistics boys raised by single fathers are just as likely to not go to jail as their counterparts that have a mom and dad in the home. This statistic compared to a fatherless home raised by just a mother where the child is 20x more likely to go to jail.

This shows that the discipline of the father is necessary for the child to grow up and to live a productive and heathy life.


Girls with no fathers have lower self-esteem, higher mental health issues and high rates of incarceration.

Worldwide Fatherless Statistics:

Worldwide the fatherless rate is 7%

In The USA, the fatherless rate is an incredible 23%

The United States has the highest rate of fatherlessness of any country in the world.

Watch this video to see the full story from Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment.

What do you think about these statistics? What do you think needs to change to keep the father in the home?

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