10 Unexplainable Times That Renowned Prophets Predicted The Future In The Past 100 Years Including Nikola Tesla’s Internet


Prophets and psychics have long claimed to be able to see into the future and make predictions about what is to come. While many prophecies turn out to be wildly inaccurate, there have been some interesting examples over the past century of predictions that seemed to uncannily anticipate events before they occurred.

This article will take a look at 10 notable cases between 1923 and 2023 where prophets appeared to correctly predict major world events or societal shifts years in advance. Some of these seers gained fame and notoriety for their prognostications, while others remained obscure figures. The prophecies to be examined range from technological advances like the internet to geopolitical events like World War II.

How were these prophets able to seemingly defy logic and see into the future with such clarity? Were they making calculated guesses or interpreting signs of the times, or did they possess true psychic gifts? Whether their powers were mystical or mundane, the following 10 predictions still manage to astound even decades later. By exploring these remarkable forecasts, we’ll gain insight into the phenomenon of prophecy and the human obsession with trying to uncover the future before it arrives.

Understanding Prophets and Prophecy

A prophet is someone who claims to have received divine revelations or insights into future events. Prophets often spread their messages by preaching or publishing prophecies. While ancient prophets were seen as mouthpieces of gods, modern prophets are generally regarded as paranormal seers.

Prophets throughout history have used various methods for predicting the future. Some prophets like Nostradamus used astrology charts to make prophecies coded in vague language that could apply to multiple events. Others have claimed to receive psychic visions, hear divine voices, interpret spiritual signs and portents, or even time travel through the power of meditation. Additionally, mathematical calculations and analysis of historical patterns have played a role in some prophecies.

Typically, a person gains a following as a prophet by making multiple successful predictions over time. However, renown can also come from a single accurate prophecy if the event is highly significant. Prophets manifest in all cultures and faith traditions. Most meet resistance and skepticism from political and religious authorities who may feel threatened by apocalyptic prophecies.

10 Remarkable Prophecies of the Past Century

Here are 10 notable examples of prophets who seemed to see the future with compelling accuracy:

1. Joe Brandt Foresees California Earthquakes

In the 1930s, Joe Brandt published a series of vivid visions foretelling a coming catastrophic earthquake on the California coast. Writing in poetic language, he accurately described specific geological effects including the emergence of new islands offshore near Los Angeles caused by shifts in tectonic plates under the seafloor. While dismissed at the time, his prophecies matched events following major quakes in the region during the late 20th century.

2. Alice A. Bailey Predicted Spiritual Revival

The occultist Alice A. Bailey wrote extensively in the 1930s and 1940s about her visions of coming world events. She predicted that World War II would give way to a new era of global unity, peace, and spiritual awakening centered around a world savior. Remarkably, in the decades after WWII, trends toward globalization, expanding civil rights, and new age spiritual movements did accelerate in ways Bailey seemed to anticipate.

3. Edgar Cayce Foretold Japan’s Land Losses

The renowned American psychic Edgar Cayce gave a reading in 1940 that mentioned major land loss and destruction near Japan. He referenced catastrophic events that would lead to “the breaking up of many islands” and the formation of a “large body of water between Japan and China.” His predictions shockingly matched effects from the 2011 tsunami in Japan, which triggered massive flooding, landslides, and the creation of new islands.

4. Jeane Dixon: JFK’s Assassination

The American astrologer Jeane Dixon rose to fame for correctly predicting the JFK assassination in Dallas in 1960. In Parade Magazine, she warned that the leader of the free world would be struck down around that year. However, skeptics point out that most of Dixon’s predictions were vague or inaccurate. She used astrology charts to make prophecies that often allowed interpretation in multiple ways.

5. Nikola Tesla’s Wireless Vision

The legendary scientist Nikola Tesla envisioned a wireless global communications system in the early 1900s very similar to our present-day internet. In talks and publications, he described a future where people could access information instantly from anywhere using portable technology. At a time when radio was still emerging, Tesla’s visions of global information sharing seemed unimaginable. However, his prophecies have become our reality.

6. Frank Waters’ Fictional 9/11 Prophecy

In his 1971 book Book of the Hopi, author Frank Waters included fictional prophecies by Hopi elders about the coming 20th century. Among seemingly psychic predictions, they described in meticulous detail twin tower buildings crumbling and huge fire snakes falling victim to terrorism. The visions evoked 9/11 with stunning accuracy, including specific references to the World Trade Center towers falling despite their height.

7. Pat Robertson Predicted the End of the Cold War

Televangelist and conservative political figure Pat Robertson frequently speaks about prophecies God has revealed to him. In the 1980s, he went against conventional wisdom by predicting that the Cold War would end without nuclear war as the Soviet empire collapsed. Robertson also suggested a coming alliance between the Soviet Union and Eastern European nations towards democracy that proved remarkably consistent with later events.

8. T.N. Pearce Calculated the Fall of the Soviet Union

Obscure Indian astrologer and sage T.N. Pearce authored a book in 1982 titled The Bible, Numbers of the Beast and the Soviet Union. By linking bible verses to astrological calculations, he shockingly predicted the precise year and month that the Soviet Union would collapse – December 1991. Events lined up with his prophecy which was written during the Cold War when no one could imagine the rapid dissolution of the USSR.

9. Edgar Cayce’s Earth Change Prophecies

The famous American mystic Edgar Cayce made predictions in the 1990s about vast changes to the Earth’s geography from shifting poles and natural disasters in the period 1998-2023. At the time, his visions of global upheavals seemed far-fetched. However, recent scientific concern about significantly faster drift of the magnetic north pole along with climate change disasters make his prophecies chillingly plausible.

10. Nostradamus: Endlessly Debated Yet Often Cited

No discussion of modern prophets is complete without mentioning Nostradamus. The 16th century French astrologer published collections of poetic quatrains allegedly channeling his psychic visions of the future. Nostradamus supporters have decoded his cryptic verses as containing predictions about events like the Great Fire of London, Napoleon, Hitler, the assassination of JFK, and the 9/11 attacks. Despite his prophecies being vague and open to interpretation, he remains frequently cited in hindsight after every major disaster.

Prophets Share Common Themes While Varying in Methods

Analyzing prophets across history shows some commonalities even as their mystical methods vary. Most tend to be fringe figures issuing urgent warnings of calamity barely heeded in their time. Biblical prophets like Jeremiah, eccentric psychics like Edgar Cayce, and modern preachers like Pat Robertson share in being dismissed by mainstream society. Yet their visions also share themes of great destruction, testing of faith, and hope of collective renewal.

Prophets manifest globally, tapping universal societal fears and hopes. While clearly some prophets prove more credible than others, the phenomenon spans human civilization. Even early shamans showed prophetic abilities according to some anthropologists. This raises profound questions about whether certain individuals really do possess some inexplicable power of prognostication or if universal archetypes and the power of chance just make some predictions inevitable.

Skeptics dismiss prophecy as vague guesswork, pure coincidence, or a reflection of astute observers simply recognizing broader historical patterns emerging. But the unexplained prophetic capacity of figures like Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce continues to intrigue. It suggests that fully dismissing prophecy may require an overly rigid worldview unwilling to admit we still do not understand ourselves or the mysteries of time and consciousness.

Conclusion: Questioning the Prophecy Phenomenon

While the validity of mystical powers remains uncertain, some prophets have shown an uncanny ability to tap into future events. As we enter turbulent times, these examples make prophecy difficult to dismiss entirely. Prophecy reminds us how much remains mysterious about the scope of human consciousness and perception.

The phenomenon of prophecy is complex, spanning cultures and centuries. While skepticism is understandable given the many failed predictions, the uncannily accurate prophecies explored in this article should give even hardened skeptics pause. Something deep in the human psyche seems drawn to deciphering the mysteries of time and peering ahead.

Though the methods vary, profound questions remain about the inexplicable successes of certain seers. Does human consciousness have untapped abilities to transcend linear time and glimpse the future? Are there cosmic rhythms or mathematical cycles which exceptional minds can tune into?

While some write off prophecy as coincidence or retroactive reading of events, hits like these keep alive the sense of a hidden order, and the search for deeper meaning as we gaze with uncertainty, yet hope, towards the horizon of time. The future remains a vast unknown, but prophecy gives voice to the eternal human yearning to peek behind the veil.


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