Popular Netflix Show ‘Stranger Things’ Is Actually Based Off Of A Spine Chilling True Story

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The popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ has captivated audiences with its mix of sci-fi, horror, and 80s nostalgia. But many viewers may not realize that the show’s main plot points closely align with longstanding conspiracy theories about secret government experiments allegedly carried out at Camp Hero in Montauk, Long Island.

Known as the Montauk Project, these shadowy experiments supposedly involved psychedelic drug testing, telepathy, time travel, mind control, and contact with extraterrestrial life.

One man claims to have been at the center of this bizarre project – Preston Nichols. In a series of books published in the 1990s, Nichols detailed his supposed involvement in experiments conducted at the Camp Hero base. These accounts bear a shocking resemblance to the fictional events that take place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in Stranger Things.

Both feature secret government test subjects with psychokinetic powers, portals to other dimensions, time travel, and grotesque monster sightings.

stranger things

While dismissed by most as an outlandish conspiracy theory, Nichols insists his experiences at Camp Hero involved unlocking mysteries of the mind and universe. The US government of course denies any such experiments took place.

The Montauk Project refers to a series of top-secret experiments allegedly conducted at Camp Hero Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island in the 1970s and 80s. The experiments were carried out by the United States government with the aim of developing psychological warfare techniques, including mind control and time travel.

The central figure behind claims about the Montauk Project is Preston Nichols. Nichols first talked about his experiences with the project in a series of books he published in the 1990s, including “Montauk Project: Experiments in Time” and “Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity.”

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According to Nichols, he was recruited to work as a psychic and electrical engineer on experiments at Camp Hero. The base housed a huge underground facility containing an electromagnetically insulated chamber, known as “the Montauk Chair.” Inside the chair, subjects would sit while scientists bombarded them with radio signals that could alter their consciousness and facilitate mind control techniques.

Nichols claimed that boys were kidnapped and forced to take part in the Montauk experiments. He said that the boys were stripped of their identities through trauma-based programming and then used as ‘psychic warriors’ by the government. Experiments in mind control also involved manipulating the thoughts and emotions of subjects to see if they could be controlled for use as military spies or assassins.

However, the most interesting allegation made by Nichols was that the Montauk Project scientists unlocked the secrets of time travel. By manipulating the unconscious minds of subjects, they were apparently able to send them backwards and forwards in time. Nichols even argued that the project unintentionally ripped open a time vortex, unleashing monsters into Camp Hero base from other dimensions.

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There have been other people that have come forward and claim that they were also a part of this operation, and that Nichols’ books actually helped them recollect lost memories. The weirdest part is that the details of their stories are almost identical.

Nonetheless, the Montauk Project has become the subject of numerous conspiracy theories in books like the “The Philadelphia Experiment Murder” by Peter Moon and on television shows including The X-Files. Nichols and his co-author Moon argue that the government went to great lengths to cover up all information about the secretive experiments.

While the fantastical elements of the Montauk Project story remain unproven, Camp Hero itself is real. The base opened in 1942 as a coastal defense site disguised as a fishing village. Rumors about its use in Cold War-era psychological warfare experiments have persisted for decades and continue to fuel speculation about what exactly went on there. Whether or not time travel, mind control, or interdimensional portals were involved, the conspiracy theories live on.

stranger things

The Montauk Project remains one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories in recent memory. The allegations of time travel, mind control, and contact with otherworldly beings at Camp Hero in the 70s and 80s seem like something straight out of science fiction. But Preston Nichols staunchly defended his accounts until his death in 2011, creating a legend that has endured for decades.

Nichols always claimed there was more to be revealed about the experiments at Montauk. However, concrete evidence proving the Project’s existence has yet to surface. The lack of verifiable proof has led most experts to conclude Nichols was simply exaggerating or lying. But this has not stopped various writers and television shows from using the Montauk Project as inspiration.

The continued fascination with the Montauk conspiracy theory highlights our society’s appetite for stories about secret government projects and human attempts to understand the mysteries of time, space, and the mind. While the Project’s more otherworldly elements are likely fictitious, they touch on our innate curiosity about the true capabilities of the human psyche. Theories about what really happened at Montauk will probably endure for many more years, even if we never know the whole truth behind Camp Hero’s still closely-guarded past.


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