Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for Double Murder Sues County and Detective He Says Framed Him for $93 Million

man 23 years double murder
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The court system can be a frustrating place for many, as justice isn’t always served in a way that is fair in any way, shape or form.

There are few things worse than being sent to prison or convicted of a serious crime, but what happened to Lamonte McIntyre is much worse.

The Kansas man served 23 years in prison for a double murder he did not commit.

Now, he is seeking justice on his own terms in the form of tens of millions of dollars in damages from the county and a former detective he says framed him.

Wrongfully Convicted Man and his Mother Seek Additional Millions After Horrific Ordeal

man and mother wrongful conviction

The man and his mother alleged in a 2018 lawsuit that the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas are responsible for the alleged actions of former Kansas City, Kansas police detective Roger Golubski and other officers involved in prosecuting him, according to a March 2022 report from a news station familiar with the situation.

The man’s mother is also seeking $30 million alleging that Golubski coerced her into sex and then framed McIntyre for a double homicide in 1994 because she rejected the detective’s later sexual advances.

They also allege that he abused women for years and many officers were unaware of this alleged conduct.

The allegations have been denied by Golubski and he has asked that they not be allowed as evidence in the case.

He will argue that he was a “good officer” during his 35-year career if they are admitted according to a lawyers’ statement.

McIntyre now lives in Arizona and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suffered negative emotional impacts from his imprisonment according to the lawsuit.

In 2017, he was freed from prison after a local prosecutor asked the court to vacate his convictions and to drop all charges. He was awarded a certificate of innocence and $1.5 million from the state in 2020.

mcintyre mother

McIntyre’s mother was also diagnosed with PTSD and sought psychological treatment for nearly two decades according to the lawsuit.

The local government has denied that the police chief knew about the alleged misconduct and said that even if the allegations are proven it is not liable because the officers’ actions were not within the scope of their employment.

A November 7 trial date was set by a federal judge on Thursday for the civil case.

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